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Atlanta, Georgia

The ATL! One of the largest cities in the country, and the backyard of the Weather Channel. How’s it going down there?

At 152PM, ET, Atlanta was reporting mostly cloudy skies and a temperature of 73. A broad, slowly devolving trough over the Lower Mississippi Valley was working to incorporate moisture into the southeastern US, including some clouds in north Georgia, slowly rising dew points and showers and storms much further to the southeast.
The nature of this system will leave it ill defined as it generally steers towards Atlanta. Expect a couple of days of garden variety thunderstorms in Atlanta Sunday and Monday, though as the low level trough tries to move over the Appalachians with little to no motivation, it will begin to expend copious amounts of moisture on Atlanta Monday morning. Two and a half days of rain in Atlanta could certainly mean a threat for some flooding in some places to begin the week.
Tomorrow – Rain with a few thunderstorms, High 72, Low 61
Monday – Heavy rain and some thunderstorms early, with clearing late, High 77, Low 62

TWC: Tomorrow – Rain / Thunder high 71, Low 62
Monday – T-Storms High 75, Low 63

AW: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy with a couple of showers and a thunderstorm High 72, Low 60
Monday – A thick cloud cover with a couple of showers and a thunderstorm High 75, Low 61

NWS: Tomorrow – Showers likely, then showers and possibly a thunderstorm after 2pm. High 74, Low 63
Monday – A 40 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. Mostly cloudy, High 77, Low 62

WB: Tomorrow – Showers likely in the morning…then showers with a chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon. High 74, low 62
Monday – Mostly cloudy with a 50 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. High 77, Low 62

It’s going to be cloudy and a little nasty in Atlanta. I like the cooler forecasts of TWC and Atlanta, but it being the south, any little bit of sun will bump those temperatures. The local ATL radar is down, but you can see the majority of the rain is well off to the west at this point.

Atlanta, Georgia to Albany, New York

Today we venture from one A city to another, with 1003 miles separating Atlanta and Albany. Given that we traveled from Trenton to Atlanta yesterday, you’d think this family would have just gone from Trenton to Albany in the first place. Would have saved a ton of money on gas at least!


As mentioned in the road trip forecast yesterday, high pressure is settling in over some of the East Coast. This will be pushed to the east somewhat over the next couple of days as an area of low pressure is developing off the Southeast coast. As we head out of Atlanta and take a less-scenic route through the central Carolinas today, clouds will be on the increase as that low pressure tries to get better organized. A few showers are possible as we make our way past Greensville-Spartanburg and Charlotte and continue northeastward into Virginia. No big thunderstorms are anticipated though, just some generally light showers if we do encounter anything. Dry conditons will greet us as we move in to Virginia and finish our 1st night in Tuckahoe.


Today is going to be a lot more smooth sailing as the low pressure remains offshore. Cloudy skies are expected throughout the day, with perhaps some morning fog, but all of the rain showers are expected to remain off shore, for very slightly affect the Delmarva/NJ region and not penetrate further inland. The biggest issue will be negotiating the traffic as we move through DC, Philly and bypass NYC. Clouds will keep the sun at bay, but should be a dry day throughout. All in all, not too bad!

Trenton, New Jersey to Atlanta, Georgia

Currently, the Northeast is getting pounded by a rare October snowstorm. Could you believe that Central Park had never recorded an inch of snow in the month of October? Me neither. We trek the 845 miles from Trenton to Atlanta covering 2 days, with an overnight stay in Roakoke. Will the weather be better for our trip down south?


We awake in the morning with over 6″ of fresh snow on the ground… but not a cloud in the sky! The snowstorm moving through on Saturday will depart overnight and by morning, high pressure will be moving over the region, giving people some pleasant conditions to shovel out in. We embark westward through PA upon freshly plowed roads and through Hagerstown before continuing into the high country of western Virginia. Prepared for some slow driving through the mountains as some areas got nearly a foot of snow, so don’t be surprised if some areas are slow going. We pull into Roanoke in the late afternoon catch a breather.


More sunny skies greet us as we depart back on the road, continuing to take the scenic route to Atlantia, slicing and dicing our way through western VA, into NC with a sidestop in Hickory as we bypass Charlotte, then onwards through the Greensville-Spartanburg area before our final leg into Atlanta. Clouds will be on the increase as well as we push through SC as an area of low pressure off the Southeast US coastline will start to intensify, but the rain showers should remain far enough to the east that we’ll be unaffected. A fairly easy trip considering the storm that just moved through!

Atlanta, Georgia to Beaumont, Texas

Back to back road trips, today’s taking us across the Gulf Coast states. Like yesterday’s trip, this will take us a day and change as we cover 707 miles at 65.1mph. The first day we will cover most of the trip, about 521 miles, leaving the rest for a short drive Wednesday morning. Shall we be on our way?


We are departing Atlanta at a time that is for once quiet. It has been a stormy few days in the Southeast, and that’s going to eventually continue, even as we drive southwest. Expect sunny increasingly warm and humid weather as we head towards Montgomery, but the chance for showers won’t really develop until after we are through the Alabama capital. The best chance for thunderstorms, however, will wait until we are right up by the coast. Chances are best, then, as we make our way from Slidell to our day one destination, Baton Rouge.

The showers and thunderstorms aren’t going to be the standard sea breeze southern Louisiana thunderstorms, but are going to be associated with anther developing low which will touch off organized, strong thunderstorms across the Gulf Coast over night. They will still be going strong when we awake and depart from Baton Rouge. We should encounter the back edge of the heavy weather as we pass Lafayette, but don’t be surprised if there is still a bit of drizzle and probably some fog the rest of the way into Beaumont.

Bloomington, Illinois to Atlanta, Georgia

On the road again. It’s going to be a common theme this week, the road trip. Today’s will take us from Illinois to Georgia over the course of a day and a little bit of change. It’s a 668 mile journey, of which we will cover 501 miles at a pace of nearly 63mph. Shall we?


We are in a pattern of small, fast moving systems right now, and one developing over the central Plains is going to rocket from Kansas to Tennessee and off the coast by the end of the day tomorrow. It looks like Tennessee, particularly eastern Tennessee, will get annihilated by heavy rain and thunderstorms tomorrow morning. The funny thing is, however, our departure from Bloomington will be north of the nasty weather, and by the time we have made it through Illinois, western Kentucky and eventually Nashville then to Pelham, our stop for the day, with only a couple hours left to Atlanta.

The next round of wet weather will be rolling into the center of the country as we begin the day. We should stay dry, with a few puffy cumulus clouds developing, with a very outside shot at a shower when we get to Atlanta. After we are IN Atlanta, however, all bets are off. Bring an umbrella.

Soggy Southland

The dry weather for Tuesday made for a relatively pleasant early-March day for Atlanta, giving people a reason to get outside and enjoy it. Wednesday, however, was a completely different story. The cold front that’s been progressing over the Eastern US over the last couple of days pushed through the city, dropping well over an inch of rain, and pushing a thunderstorm overhead midday. Quite the soggy day. It was a close forecast temperature-wise, but Weatherbug was the only one who had late showers on Tuesday. When a shower dropped a whopping 0.01″ at 1122PM, Weatherbug hit the proverbial jackpot and took the top spot.

Tuesday: 0.01″ in a shower. High 61, Low 41
Wednesday: 1.31″ in rain and a thunderstorm. High 58, Low 51.
Forecast grade: B

Atlanta, Georgia to Deltona, Florida

Just a short road trip for us today, about 435 miles over neighboring states. However, it’s going to be ripe with interesting weather. Mother Nature is making sure it’s no picnic of a trip into the Sunshine State!

As we start our day off, the main area of low pressure is shifting through IL towards the Southern Great Lakes. A strong cold front trailing the low has been pushing eastward over the last couple of days and has been pumping copious amounts of moisture out ahead of it. While the front itself won’t make it to our route southward, plenty of showers and thunderstorms will spread over GA throughout the late morning and early afternoon hours. By early afternoon, we’ll have made our way across the FL state line and passing by Jacksonville, so most of the activity by now affecting us will just be some scattered showers and perhaps an isolated thunderstorm. This will be the case for the remainder of the trip down the east side of the FL Peninsula as we continue into Deltona. The heavier rains and stronger thunderstorms won’t make it down that far until the overnight hours into early Thursday morning, but hopefully we should be asleep as they roll through.

Atlanta, Georgia

A forecast for Georgia. Deja vu.

At 1252PM, ET, Atlanta was reporting a temperature of 51 degrees with overcast skies. Clouds were abundant across the southeast in the wake of a rainy weekend and a southerly flow extending from the Gulf as a system develops once again over the central Plains. Clouds are expected to part as the afternoon progresses however, and things should begin to warm through the next few hours.
Flow through a jet trough which is sliding well south of what is typically expected this late in the season will aid in the development of a surface trough over eastern New Mexico. The upper level support of the system isn’t the best, however the fact that the system is not vertically stacked, so the surface low will develop more rapidly than what would otherwise be expected. As the jet advances, however, the surface trough will lose some of it’s initial energy, but the damage will already be done and an active cold front will develop by tomorrow evening over eastern Texas. It will take until Wednesday morning for the boundary to arrive in Atlanta. This should prevent any severe weather, but Wednesday will be rather wet, especially as the boundary stalls and the system tried to shift north.
Tomorrow – Sunny, increasingly warm, High 64, Low 40
Wednesday – Rain all day, very heavy late, High 60, Low 49

TWC: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy skies in the morning will give way to cloudy skies during the afternoon. High 63, Low 38
Wednesday – Rain with a few rumbles of thunder High 61, Low 48

AW: Tomorrow – Partly sunny High 60, Low 39
Wednesday – Cloudy with a couple of showers and a thunderstorm High 62, Low 48

NWS: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy High 61, Low 39
Wednesday – Occasional showers and thunderstorms High 60, Low 50

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy (late showers) High 60, Low 39
Wednesday -Occasional showers and thunderstorms High 60, Low 50

A look at the satellite shows some scattered clouds for the area, but nothing a little day time heating can’t take care of.

In their own backyard

As mentioned at no end, Atlanta is the home of the Weather Channel. One may expect them to take care of the forecast, especially with the way they have been forecasting lately, but NO. No. It was us, Victoria-Weather who absolutely dominated in the ATL.
Actuals: Monday – High 91, Low 71
Tuesday – .03 inches of rain, High 91, Low 73

Grade: A

Atlanta, Georgia

Off to the home of The Weather Channel! How will can they forecast for their own backyard? Pride is at stake here!!!

At 9:53pm EDT, the temperature was 78 degrees under partly cloudy skies in Atlanta. Over the last few days, a zonal flow has set up over the Northern U.S., meaning the jet stream pretty much flows due straight west to east. A large upper-level ridge has parked itself over the Southwest US and has been staying put for the last few days, as been indicative by the absolutely sweltering conditions the Desert Southwest has been undertaking (90 for a LOW in Las Vegas?!). Anyways, with the jet stream staying well north, no significant surface systems really are able to make it that far south to bring any new air masses into the region. Also, with the Bermuda high firmly entrenched over the Atlantic and ridging into the Southeast, a steady flow of moisture continues to sit over the region. So, with the status quo expected to continue through the next couple of days, looks like we have some more scattered storms expected to affect the area.

Monday: Few scattered thunderstorms. High 91, Low 72.
Tuesday: More scattered thunderstorms. High 92, Low 73.

WB: Monday: Scattered showers and thunderstorms. High 90, Low 73.
Tuesday: Slightly more isolated thunderstorm activity. High 93, Low 72.

TWC: Monday: Showers and thunderstorms expected. High 90, Low 71.
Tuesday: Fewer storms, bit more sun. High 90, Low 72.

NWS: Monday: Isolated thunderstorms. High 91, Low 73.
Tuesday: More thunderstorm activity. High 93, Low 72.

AW: Monday: Widely scattered shower and thunderstorm activity. High 90, Low 72.
Tuesday: Slightly less thunderstorm activity. High 90, Low 74.

We see a few thunderstorms rolling north over the OH Valley. Will Atlanta see some of this same action over the next couple of days?