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It’s a Mystery!

As mentioned in the forecast for Anderson, the high pressure relented early Tuesday, causing a low-pressure system to bring plenty of rain to central Indiana. Sadly, the recording station at Anderson only records from 8am – 4pm (who knew that weather had normal day job hours?!), so recording proper numbers wasn’t possible. If we wanted to use nearby Muncie, IN, VW would have easily won with a near-perfect temperature forecast, but alas, it goes into the record books as no score for anybody. Curses!

Anderson, Indiana to Medford, Oregon

Apologies for the late posting. The time change really threw me. We are taking a lengthy, 4 1/2 day road trip that will cover 2286 miles. We are going to cover about 66 and a half miles an hour, which will get us 532.5 miles a day, more or less. It’s going to be an interesting mix of I-80 and state highways, so we will have to see how this all goes.


There is a wee little low pressure (that is fully developed and what not, but is just very tiny) moving through the Mid-Mississippi and lower Ohio Valley. It’s going to hang out in central Indiana as we try to leave tomorrow morning, providing what will likely be a sloppy, rain snow mix. It dropped up to 9 inches of snow on parts of Missouri, but temperatures won’t allow any of it to stick. The precip will end by the time we reach Peoria, and sunny skies are in store through Missouri. The stop will be in St. Joes, Missouri.

We will have no issues with the day on Wednesday, except maybe that thing where you put on a jacket in the morning because it’s chilly, but then the sun shining in the car makes it really warm, and you are stuck wearing a jacket driving through southeastern Nebraska, but you need to get it off because it’s SO hot, but you can’t because you’re driving. Anyways, we’ll get to the Nebraska/Wyoming border and the delightful burgh of Pine River.

A large system off to the west will move into the Northern Rockies overnight, and we will awake to find rain in Pine River. That rain will continue through the lower elevations of eastern Wyoming and turn to snow in the high elevation. It will be all snow by the time we reach Rawlins, with snow then likely for the rest of the trip to Rowley Junction, Utah, which is south of the Great Salt Lake. Fortunately, the really heavy precipitation will be in Colorado and not a bother for anyone headed for Medford.

Most of the drive through northern Nevada and the rest of Utah will be fine, so long we don’t run out of gas. Another system moving into the coast will push into Oregon by the time we arrive though, and there will be a threat for rain almost as soon as we cross the state line. The day will end just over 2 hours from Medford in Lakeview, Oregon. We won’t see the lake, however, because of the rain.

The front in question will long be through Medford and Lakeview by the time we get driving on Saturday, but we should still have a few mountain showers between Lakeview and Klamath Falls, and Klamath Falls and Medford. Expect a dreary arrival in Medford, though likely more pleasant than what we would find along the coast.

Danville, Illinois to Anderson, Indiana

Easily the shortest road trip I’ve done, with only a measly 119 miles separating the 2 cities. I drove over 350 miles this weekend personally watching a couple college hockey games. This trip should only take about 1 hour and 45 minutes to accomplish. There are longer commutes to work in Los Angeles I’m pretty sure.

An area of high pressure over the Great Lakes is keeping an area of moderate rain showers over southern Illinois and western Kentucky, with overcast skies over central IL. The low pressure system kicking up this precipitation shield will be slow to move towards the east today as the high pressure stubbornly gives way. Clouds will remain over the route for the entire day, but should be dry for our morning drive eastward into Iowa. Didn’t even need to put in that second CD.

Anderson, Indiana

At 1053PM, the temperature at Anderson, IN is 36 degrees under overcast skies. While a dome of high pressure is keeping the Great Lakes area dry, including Anderson, an area of low pressure over the Southern Plains is pushing eastward towards the MS River Valley. The high pressure is keeping the rain suppressed off to the south over southern IL and Western KY, and should ward off the precip for most of the day, even if it will remain cloudy. Tuesday sees the high pressure finally relenting towards the east, with the low pressure developing further and shifting out of the Ozarks and into the Ohio Valley. Some lighter showers are possible Tuesday morning, but should pick up in intensity and persistence by Tuesday afternoon. A couple claps of thunder could be possible, but most of that activity should remain well off to the south of Anderson.

Monday: Remaining cloudy. High 44, Low 30.
Tuesday: Rain showers increase. High 47, Low 34.

TWC: Monday: Mostly cloudy. High 45, Low 32.
Tuesday: Rain expected. High 50, Low 35.

AW: Monday: Times of cloudy and sun. High 48, Low 29.
Tuesday: A bit of afternoon rain. High 51, Low 30.

NWS: Monday: Partly sunny. High 45, Low 30.
Tuesday: Rain likely. High 48, Low 33.

WB: Monday: Partly cloudy, a few evening rain showers. High 45, Low 28.
Tuesday: Rain likely. High 48, Low 33.

Here we see the rain off to the southwest of the Indianapolis area. It should be a slow-go for it to make it northeastward, but it’ll arrive by Tuesday afternoon.