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Altoona, Pennsylvania

We are off to central Pennsylvania for the day’s forecast. It’s a land of hills and valleys, and all downstream from the Great Lakes. It’s often cloudy there.

At 1153AM, ET, Altoona was reporting a temperature of 55 degrees with clear skies. It’s predominantly dry across the region with a temporary swath of high pressure, however a trough in the Plains has developed a fairly robust area of low pressure in the Plains, indicating what’s expected this week in Altoona.
The sharp trough will remain over the Front Range, but a strong split flow jet will emanate from the trough and will run over the Altoona area for the duration of the forecast period. This boundary will act as a warm or stationary front, so the precipitation, which will be abundant through mid week, will be in the form of stratiform rain.
Tomorrow – Rainy, particularly in the evening, High 66, Low 45
Thursday – Rain, heavy at times, High 51, Low 36

TWC: Tomorrow – Showers early then thundershowers developing later in the day. High 57, Low 46
Thursday – Mainly cloudy and rainy. High 52, Low 45

AW: Tomorrow – Cloudy with a touch of rain High 69, Low 43
Thursday – Cooler with rain High 51, Low 29

NWS: Tomorrow – Showers likely, mainly after 8am. Cloudy High 60, Low 44
Thursday – Rain before 2pm, then periods of rain and snow. High 50, Low 39

WB: Tomorrow – Showers likely. High 57, Low 43
Thursday – Rain…mixing with snow in the afternoon High 50, Low 44

Hmm, some are calling for a snowy mix. I’m not sure the cold air will be able to slide into Altoona. Satellite right now is pretty quiet.

Altoona Blog Roundup

We have the opportunity to head to Altoona in central Pennsylvania for our blog round up. What do they have to offer in Altoona?

The WJAC weather team has a blog called the Severe Team Weather Blog. Naturally, their most recent post is in regards to a solar eclipse that occurred, of all times, at midnight.

The WTAJ team has a blog entitled the Stormtracker Weather Blog, and their most recent post is on the heat wave making things fairly unbearable in central Pennsylvania.

Both of these sites cover the entirety of central PA, so there may be posts here and there on Johnstown or State College as well, but nevertheless, they can be good sources for commentary in Altoona as well.

The same problem

After a couple days in which the low in Altoona was able to dip to the mid-teens, forecasters were ready to go ahead and forecast similar lows as the pattern wasn’t going to change. The only issue was whether or not an isolated flurry would find its way into Altoona on Monday (it did), or if it would wait until Tuesday (it snowed Tuesday too). The problem, and it occurred on both days of the forecast, was that the temperature wasn’t allowed to plummet overnight, as a pool of clouds found it’s way into Altoona’s valley, and kept temepratures in the 20s for the entirety of the forecast period (save for one quick jaunt to 30). The fine folks at the National Weather Service had the top forecast.
Actuals: Monday – Snow reported, not measured, High 28, Low 23
Tuesday – Snow reported, not measured, High 30, Low 23

Grade: C

Altoona, Pennsylvania to Little Rock, Arkansas

Today, we embark on a trip from Altoona, PA to capital of Arkansas, Little Rock! At 1006 miles, this will encompass 2 days, nearly splitting it right down the middle with a stopover at Louisville. Let’s go!


We head out of Altoona, making our way towards the outskirts of Pittsburgh and cut through the northern sliver of WV before entering OH. A cloudy start is expected to our day as a frontal system working its way through the OH Valley will drop some light snow showers over western PA. As we continue towards Columbia and southwestward, warmer temperatures will give way to a better chance of a rain/snow mix at times, but overall any precipitation we encounter will be on the light side. We make our way into Louisville to end the evening, still under overcast skies dodging only a couple stray light showers.


Once again, we get off to a cloudy start. However, with the dissipating system shifting towards the northeast, only a couple isolated showers are possible this morning as we head out of Louisville towards Nashville. Once we head west towards Memphis, clouds will start to break up some and should be dry conditions as high pressure slowly works its way into the Southern Plains and Lower MS River Valley. There may be some lingering stratus as we make our way into Arkansas, but overall a quiet day as we cruise into Little Rock under tame conditions.

Altoona, Pennsylvania

The forecast today again takes us to western Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania seems to have a lot of individual metropolitan areas.

At 1253PM, ET Altoona was reporting a temperature of 26 degrees with clear skies. Lake effect snow and ceilings were being seen west of the Allegheny Mountains, but Altoona, on the eastern slope, was kept clear and dry and stood a good chance of climbing above freezing this afternoon.
High pressure was in charge for the time being in the eastern third of the country, but the jet was running through the center of the country before troughing near the Georgia coast. Over the coming days, Altoona will get squeezed by two massive systems, the first a potential Nor’easter developing over the Gulf Stream off the Carolina coast. The second is a massive storm that has been bringing dozens of feet of snow to the Sierras in California, as well as heavy rain and snow, though with not as impressive totals to the California coast and interior Rockies. The Nor’easter continues to trend further east and is unlikely to inflict its wrath on Altoona, however it will continue to generate northerly flow and flurries over far western PA. A bit of energy will break free from the Pineapple Express out west and find it’s way through the northern Plains into the eastern Great Lakes by Tuesday, when they have a chance to get some accumulating snow late in the day in Altoona.
Tomorrow – Partly to mostly cloudy, High 28, Low 13
Tuesday – Chance for some evening snow, accumulating to an inch High 29, Low 15

TWC: Tomorrow – Considerable cloudiness High 24, Low 15
Tuesday – A few snow showers. High 25, Low 18

AW: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy and cold High 28, Low 13
Tuesday – Mostly cloudy with a chance for a bit of snow or flurries High 30, Low 15

NWS: Tomorrow – Scattered snow showers High 27, Low 14
Tuesday – Light snow likely, mainly after noon. Cloudy, High 30, Low 16

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy with scattered snow showers in the morning…then becoming partly sunny with occasional flurries in the afternoon High 28, Low 14
Tuesday – Cloudy with a 50 percent chance of light snow High 32, Low 16

The models are stunningly disparate with Altoona’s forecast. I went more with the GFS because of how it has handled the first 6 hours of the of the forecast period, and I like what it does with the Nor’easter much more. The NAM, the other model, bring the Nor’easter way inland which stanches the progress of the bit of energy I expect to bring snow to Altoona on Tuesday (and dumps another half foot or more of snow in the Twin Cities). Anyways, here is a look at the current satellite, with both major systems clearly demarcated on the map.

Fall arrives quickly

Altoona was a few degrees warmer than anyone expected. Nevertheless, when a cold front passed through town on Friday, temperatures did drop by 20 degrees or so. Behind the front, gusty winds on the order f almost 30mph were the story. Victoria-Weather, on the strength of our low temperature forecasting had the top results in Altoona, but the real winners were residents, as high temperatures never dropped below 70.
Actuals: Friday – Rain detected, not measured, High 90, Low 61
Saturday – High 70, Low 54

Grade: B

Altoona, Pennsylvania

I feel like whenever I come to forecast for Altoona, I’m running way behind schedule (2AM is certainly behind). Today’ it’s a product of my schedule, and not laze like it usually is.

At 253AM, ET, Altoona was reporting a temperature of 64 degrees with clear skies. Ahead of a front moving into the Mid-Atlantic, western Pennsylvania was unusually clear of fog. Altoona finds itself in a precarious position early this Friday morning, as Hurricane Earl sits off the Outer Banks of North Carolina and a low over the Great Lakes is introducing a fall-like cold front into the region.
The front will steadily march eastward towards Altoona through the day today, arriving in the late afternoon or early evening. After that, the rainy conditions will continue for much of the overnight into Saturday. Earl will merge with this low and surface pressure will drop, increasing a northwesterly wind for Altoona, serving to help temperatures drop precipitously to begin the weekend.
Today – Rain in the afternoon and evening, High 87, Low 61
Tomorrow – Morning rain and much cooler temperatures High 66, Low 54

TWC: Today – A few isolated thunderstorms developing this afternoon under partly cloudy skies. High 84, Low 63
Tomorrow – Partly cloudy skies with gusty winds High 61, Low 51

AW: Today – Partly sunny and very warm High 88, Low 60
Tomorrow -Windy and cooler with intervals of clouds and sunshine High 66, Low 51

NWS: Today – A chance of showers and thunderstorms, mainly after 2pm. Partly cloudy High 89, Low 64
Tomorrow – A slight chance of showers. Mostly cloudy High 67, Low 52

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny, a chance of showers in the afternoons, High 82, Low 63
Tomorrow – Partly sunny, High 64, Low 53

Accuweather, keeping Altoona dry. I will say… huh. Satellite shows that Accuweather might be mistaken.

High Pressure Continues

The large scale ridge over the Eastern US continued it’s stranglehold over the region, forcing the upper-level trough into Canada. As Ryan had mentioned, clouds were on the increase, but no precip was able to come close to Altoona over the last couple of days. TWC came out on top thanks to their slightly cooler temperatures.

Saturday: High 75, Low 51.
Sunday: High 70, Low 51.

Forecast Grade: A

Greensboro, North Carolina to Altoona, Pennsylvania

Welcome to a road trip featuring one of the longest titles ever. It’s going to be a 7 hour trip, and covers almost 400 miles. Expect a slow rate that covers ground at about 56mph. Shall we?

Our drive on Saturday will be rather easy. We’ll meander through the mountains of the eastern time zone. Expect warm temperatures for the day, well above average. Keep the windows down, because we won’t have any precipitation at all for the entire 7 hour day. Altoona could be clearing 80 by the time we get there!

Altoona, Pennsylvania

We’re off to the Appalachians of central Pennsylvania for today’s forecast. Perhaps they will be able to see a couple of nice days after a snowy winter.

At 1253PM, ET, Altoona was reporting a temperature of 77 degrees with clear skies. The primary system is a slow moving but energetic system along the Missouri River. It is inducing the southerly flow over the eastern third of the country that has contributed to the warm temperatures across central Pennsylvania today.
A massive Atlantic Ridge will help cause a broad trough over the center of the country swing north into Canada, and will kill any moisture before it reaches the Altoona area. Expect an increase in clouds tomorrow, but temperatures well above average.
Tomorrow – Increasing clouds, High 75, Low 54
Sunday – Mostly Cloudy, cooler, High 65, Low 51

TWC: Tomorrow – Sunshine and clouds mixed. Near record high temperatures. High 76, Low 52
Sunday – Mix of sun and clouds. High 68, Low 51

AW: Tomorrow – Sunny to partly cloudy and warm with the temperature tying the record from 1963 High 80, Low 50
Sunday – Partly sunny High 70, Low 53

NWS: Tomorrow – Sunny (late PM drizzle) High 78, Low 49
Sunday – Partly sunny (Early AM drizzle), High 71, Low 53

WB: Tomorrow – Sunny. Continued unseasonably warm High 78, Low 49
Sunday – Partly sunny. High 66, Low 52

Record warmth! That’s nice. Here is the satellite.