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Albany, New York to Killeen, Texas

The drive from Albany to Killeen is a surprising (to me, anyways) 3 1/2 day drive covering 1825 miles. Part of the reason we will cover this ground over the course of half a week is our pace of 63.7mph, which means 510 miles a day. If we were driving out West, you better believe we would get this distance done in 3 days flat. But we aren’t. It’s time to go.


There is another Nor’Easter headed along the Gulf Stream this week, though nowhere near as devastating as the one the region saw earlier in the week. In fact, it’s nowhere close to devastating. There is a chance for some blustery winds and maybe some drizzle or light rain over the New York City area, but by the time we have passed through Allentown, Pennsylvania, we will be problem free to finish off the day. We will make it to Buchanan, Virginia, snuggled against the Appalachians by days end.

We are going to cover Tennessee the long way, which means that we won’t make it from Buchanan to Arkansas all in one day. Instead we will make it to Only, Tennessee. I mean, we will make it only to Tennessee. No, wait, I had it right the first time. And the second time. The weather will be far less confusing, with nothing significant to look forward to for the drive.

It will be raining in Only when we awake to be on our way Thursday morning. There sill be a trough sweeping the nation, much like Disco in the 70s. A surface low will pass just north of the Ohio River, and rain in Only could be vigorous at times. Fortunately, the dry air behind the rain will meet us around Memphis, and our damp drive will be short lived. Any wind gusts will taper as we cross into Arkansas and we will have good weather all the way to Saltillo, Texas, between Mount Pleasant and Sulphur Springs.

Don’t worry about the weather, just keep your eyes on the road. Weather should be good for almost a week in eastern Texas. Well, good if you don’t like rain. Given the drought across the state, they could probably go for a drop or two. No smoking in Killeen!

Atlanta, Georgia to Albany, New York

Today we venture from one A city to another, with 1003 miles separating Atlanta and Albany. Given that we traveled from Trenton to Atlanta yesterday, you’d think this family would have just gone from Trenton to Albany in the first place. Would have saved a ton of money on gas at least!


As mentioned in the road trip forecast yesterday, high pressure is settling in over some of the East Coast. This will be pushed to the east somewhat over the next couple of days as an area of low pressure is developing off the Southeast coast. As we head out of Atlanta and take a less-scenic route through the central Carolinas today, clouds will be on the increase as that low pressure tries to get better organized. A few showers are possible as we make our way past Greensville-Spartanburg and Charlotte and continue northeastward into Virginia. No big thunderstorms are anticipated though, just some generally light showers if we do encounter anything. Dry conditons will greet us as we move in to Virginia and finish our 1st night in Tuckahoe.


Today is going to be a lot more smooth sailing as the low pressure remains offshore. Cloudy skies are expected throughout the day, with perhaps some morning fog, but all of the rain showers are expected to remain off shore, for very slightly affect the Delmarva/NJ region and not penetrate further inland. The biggest issue will be negotiating the traffic as we move through DC, Philly and bypass NYC. Clouds will keep the sun at bay, but should be a dry day throughout. All in all, not too bad!