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Albany, New York

After a couple of days in the southeast, we head up the coast to the capital of New York.

At 1151AM, ET, Albany was reporting a temperature of 19 degrees with overcast skies and some light snow. A weak upper lever wave embedded within a broader upper level trough, and it is producing the light snow seen in waves across the state of New York. The low will get wrapped into deeper cyclonic flow off the Labrador coast and pulled quickly northeastward in the wake of the system.
The light flurry activity will cut off overnight tonight, but there may be a flurry in the morning. In its stead, high pressure will build through the mid-Atlantic and New England, and most of the Friday afternoon in downstate New York will be quite pleasant. Another wave of snow, this time associated with a well organized clipper will begin moving through Canada after forming Friday night over Lake Superior. A strong western Atlantic ridge will force the low northeast and its tailing cold front will be unable to clear the Catskills by the end of the day Saturday. There will be some clouds later in the day for Albany, and the auspice of snow to the northwest, but it should remain dry for Albany.
Tomorrow – Very early snow, High 14, Low 1
Saturday – Mostly sunny, with increasing late clouds, High 29, Low 4

TWC: Tomorrow – Mostly Sunny High 18, Low 2
Saturday – Cloudy High 33, Low 7

AW: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny and cold High 18, Low 2
Saturday – Mainly cloudy, breezy and not as cold (late snow) High 32, Low 3

NWS: Tomorrow – Sunny, (early snow) High 18, Low 2
Saturday – A slight chance of snow showers after noon. Mostly cloudy, High 32, Low -3

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny (early snow). High 17, Low 2
Saturday – Mostly cloudy. A chance of snow showers in the afternoon. High 32, Low -2

WN: Tomorrow – Mostly Sunny (early snow) High 18, Low 1
Saturday – Scattered Snow Showers High 32, Low -1

A look at the radar shows a little bit of a squally nature to the snow moving past Albany

Macon, Georgia to Albany, New York

Here we go, off on a two day road trip. The second day of travel will be about an hour longer as we attempt to cover 1055 miles at 61.25mph, which means our first travel day will be through after 490 milles. Let’s head to the capital of New York.

We are in luck, road trippers! Much of the southeastern US is under high pressure. There is a little tail of a cold front that will actually tail back to the north from southern Georgia and pull into South Carolina. It won’t necessarily be like a warm front, but think of it as a flopping tail of a front being pulled out to sea. This won’t have much energy, but it will possibly lead to some clouds and maybe some drizzle around Columbia. Heading north into North Carolina and Virginia, it will be clear and cool as we call it a day in Fincastle, Virginia, north of Roanoke.

A cold front will move through the eastern Great Lakes and Appalachia as we sleep on Sunday, and when we awake on Monday morning, there is a chance we leave to rain showers in Fincastle. The rain will continue at least through Washington before we encounter a bit of clearing. It will probably be cloudy and may be a tick drizzly through Pennsylvania, and the chance for rain will increase again upon our arrival in southern New York. Don’t expect heavy rain, but some light showers are definitely possible in Albany.

Diurnal Storms Fuel Victory

Thunderstorms dodged Albany Thursday afternoon, leading to a dry daytime period. However, a brief early morning shower did move overhead, so the day wasn’t completely dry. A thunderstorm rumbled through Friday afternoon, with a couple of weak showers lingering afterwards, keeping the lawns green. Overall, TWC came out on top with an excellent forecast.

Thursday: 0.01″ of precip in early morning shower. High 91, Low 71.
Friday: 0.22″ of precip in afternoon thunderstorms. High 92, Low 73.
Forecast Grade: A

Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin to Albany, Georgia

We are on the road once again at long last, headed south over the course of 2 days. It is 1052 miles between Fond Du Lac and Albany, and we will cover them at a pace of 60.5mph. IF you want to put the rest of the pieces together, that means Day one, Thursday, will be a hair shorter than Day 2, as we will try to cover 484 miles on this day, leaving the rest for Friday.

Fond du Lac
The first day of our trip will be quite warm, but with increasingly cloudy skies, the air conditioning in our car should be quite effective. Southerly flow into a developing wave over Lake Superior will feed the moisture content of the atmosphere, leading to clouds across the region, and the chance for some very isolated showers and storms. With the heating of the day, though, and by the time we reach northern Indiana, the threat for thunderstorms will be capped. The hot weather will continue until we are south of Louisville near Fort Knox and the city of Colesburg, the destination for night 1.

Day Two will be a bit more turbulent. Thunderstorms can be expected throughout much of the day with an approaching cold front slamming into the Great Lakes inducing the importation of moisture from a tropical wave that will set up in the Gulf. Rainfall and embedded thunderstorms won’t be terribly well organized, so there isn’t much threat for severe weather, but given all of the moisture and latent energy in the area, traffic could certainly be slowed down bit by heavy downpours. While the rain probably won’t start until we have left Kentucky, it is possible for the entire day. Heaviest rain projects to be on the southern exposures of higher elevation, which means that between Chattanooga and Warner Robins, Georgia will likely be our wettest stretch of road. Atlanta in the rain during rush hour should be wonderful. It won’t be quite as bad when we arrive in Albany (the traffic or the weather) but don’t forget the umbrella, just in case.
Albany Georgia

Albany, Georgia

It seems like just last week we concerned ourselves with the climactic affairs of Albany.

At 1053AM, ET, Albany was reporting sunny skies with a temperature of 84 degrees and dewpoints already climbing into the 70s. Last week, a pair of influences, an upper level trough and a tropical wave had brought substantial rain to south Georgia, but now the upper level low was in the southern Rockies and the tropical wave had shifted to the central Gulf.
Today and for the foreseeable future, this means that Albany will be at the mercy of local and diurnal forces. In these circumstances, the NAM model, which has a better resolution but a narrower outlook is often the better resource, and it is indicating that showers and storms will steer clear for the next couple of days. Another wave is forecast to move past the Yucatan into the Eastern Gulf, and late on Friday, there is an outside shot at some rain in that case, but Albany should enjoy a nice, if sultry, end to the week.
Tomorrow – Hot and humid, partly cloudy, High 94, Low 73
Friday – Chance of showers late, otherwise hot and humid, High 91, Low 72

TWC: Tomorrow – Isolated T-Storms High 91, Low 71
Friday – Scattered T-Storms High 90, Low 72

AW: Tomorrow – Times of clouds and sun with an afternoon and evening thunderstorm in spots High 94, Low 71
Friday – Partly sunny and humid; an afternoon and evening thunderstorm in spots High 92, Low 71

NWS: Tomorrow – A 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms after 2pm. Mostly sunny, High 93, Low 72
Friday – A 40 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms, mainly after 2pm. Mostly sunny High 92, Low 72

WB: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy. A 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. High 93, Low 72
Friday – Partly cloudy. A slight chance of showers and thunderstorms in the morning…then a chance of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon High 92, Low 72

It’s a veritable steam bath in Albany. Satellite shows just how quiet it is across the southeast.

Richmond, Virginia to Albany, Georgia

We are off on a one day journey through the southeast for our first road trip in about a week and a half. The drive tomorrow is going to be a long one, lasting about 11 ours as we run from Virginia to Georgia. The trip is around 690 miles, which will mean an average speed of about 62.8mph. There will be a decent stretch where we aren’t on an interstate. Let’s cruise!

We’ve been stuck with this elongated trough along the east coast for almost two weeks now, and it’s been producing a daily threat for showers and thunderstorms for the east coast. It’s amplified a bit at the southern end of the upper level trough right now thanks to some gulf warmth and moisture being tapped. Fortunately, most of our route will take us through a bit of a rain shadow through the Carolinas. We won’t stay entirely dry — far from it, in fact — but the heaviest rain will hug the Appalachians and the Coast. The best chances for rain early in the trip will arrive around Fayetteville, but the heaviest of the rain will come after we have made our easterly turn at Savannah, especially after Vidalia. It will be quite damp in Albany upon our arrival.
Albany Georgia

A Weather Buzzer-Beater!

Given the two thrilling March Madness games we had today, it’s only fitting the forecast for Albany came down to the last few minutes of the day Friday. Turns out a snow shower snuck in at 1149pm, making a trace of snow reported before midnight. CURSES! Nobody had that in their forecast, thinking it would hold out until morning, so that turned out to be pretty much a wash. The Weather Channel took home the top spot

Thursday: High 53, Low 26.
Friday: Trace of snow. High 53, Low 35.
Forecast Grade: B

Parkersburg, West Virginia to Albany, New York

Today we have a long one-day road trip in store! from the border of WV to the Hudson River Valley, we cover 633 miles of scenic driving! Better get a move on, it’s gonna be a long day!


We head out early in the morning, booking eastward through northern WV, past Morgantown, and eventually through the slender part of Maryland. Today, luck is in our favor. An area of high pressure is holding fast over the Northeast US, and is slowly getting squeezed between a large storm system along the Gulf Coast, and a slow-moving cold front in southeast Canada. Portions of PA, MD, DE, and NJ will see some rain from this large system from the south, but wont get there until Thursday. For us, some mid and high level clouds will skirt our route as we continue through southeastern PA and into northern NJ, but any chances of precip will remain far off to the south. The weather will continue to be smooth sailing as we pass by NYC and onto I-87, heading north into Albany in the late evening. A long day, but at least it wasn’t due to the weather!


Albany, New York

Off we go to eastern NY, to check in on the capital of New York! Is spring starting to creep into the region or is a cold spell still keeping hold?

At 751pm EDT, the temperature at Albany, NY was 32 degrees under partly cloudy skies. A large ahea of high pressure is sitting over the Northeast US and expands westward into the Mid-MS Valley and is slowly making its way eastward. Quiet conditions are expected for Thursday while it sits over the region, with temperatures expected to creep into the low 50s after starting off chilly. Friday will be kinda interesting over the Eastern US. A cold front is going to making its way through southeastern Canada, with some snow showers expected over eastern Ontario and southern Quebec. A large area of low pressure is going to push its way up from the Eastern Gulf along the Southeast coastline, bringing a healthy dose of precip from FL up into VA. Meanwhile, that area of high pressure is being squeezed between these two systems… right over Albany. There should be an increase of clouds during the afternoon, but precip should stay away from the area.

Thursday: Sunny. High 52, Low 23.
Friday: Increasing clouds. High 54, Low 29.

TWC: Thursday: Mostly sunny. High 53, Low 25.
Friday: Partly cloudy. High 54, Low 32.

AW: Thursday: Sunny and milder. High 53, Low 22.
Friday: Clouds breaking for some sun. High 54, Low 31.

NWS: Thursday: Sunny. High 53, Low 21.
Friday: Partly sunny. High 53, Low 27.

WB: Thursday: Mostly sunny. High 53, Low 22.
Friday: Partly sunny. High 52, Low 30.

Here we see the aforementioned storm system churning along the Gulf, firing up some strong thunderstorms over the water at this time

Albany, Georgia to Flint, Michigan

We head due north for a two day trip. The milage is 947 miles, which we will cover at a rate of 62 miles an hour, so the first day will be through after about 496 miles. Not bad, right? North we go.

High pressure is wedging its way into the middle of the country so the bulk of our drive will be pretty easy. The drive will start, however, on the back edge of a cold front. There will be a splash of light rain in Albany as we hit the road, and the threat will continue through Macon. Clouds will quickly clear out though, along a sharp line north of Macon, and brilliant, crisp sunshine will escort us to London, Kentucky, in the southern part of the state.

The Wednesday drive will be a mirror image of Tuesday. That is, the same conditions but reversed in order. Sunny skies right on through southern Michigan, but at the very end of the day, even north of Detroit, some snow flurries will be flying in Flint (that’s a fun bit of alliteration). The snow will be very light and pretty wet, so don’t expect problems on the road, but some cloudy skies in Flint.