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Dog Days of Spring

Temperatures in Albany were in the low 90s with lows dipping to the mid 60s overnight. These are very toasty temperatures, of course, and they are even a little unusual for south Georgia in May. Sweltering heat is the province of August, not late May! Fortunately, there was ample warning, so air conditioning could be turned on as forecasts were generally pretty good. The Weather Channel and Accuweather had exactly the same forecast, and they met Forecast.io at the top spot.
Actuals: Saturday – High 91, Low 66
Sunday – High 93, Low 65

Grade A-B

Albany, Georgia

I am, as I said, in Omaha, this weekend, which has nothing to do with Albany, but I always take pleasure in thinking about stuff like that. Forecasting for Albany from Omaha. Crazy!

At 253PM, ET, Albany was sitting at a sweltering 88 degrees with sunny skies. There was a fairly brisk easterly wind across the region attempting to make things tolerable, and dew points only in the mid 50s seemed to be cooperating.
High pressure over the southeastern US has kept an area of low pressure associated with a broad upper trough stashed away in the central Plains, allowing the dry air to encompass Albany. While that low hasn’t had enough organization to overtake the resolute ridge, there is an area of nascent tropical development in the bight of Georgia. While the remnant ridge will still force the Plains system north towards New England when it finally starts moving, and that trough will draw the tropical feature north with it, the weakened flow will mean typically soupy summer time air will return to Albany.
Tomorrow – Partly cloudy, High 89, Low 66
Sunday – Partly cloudy, more humid. High 90, Low 66

TWC: Tomorrow – Sunny skies. High 90, Low, 66
Sunday – Mostly sunny skies. High 92, Low, 67

AW: Tomorrow – Partly sunny and pleasant High 90, Low 66
Sunday – Partly sunny High 92, Low 67

NWS: Tomorrow – Sunny High 89, Low 65
Sunday – Sunny High 90, Low 66

WB: Tomorrow – Sunny High 89, Low 67
Sunday – Sunny High 91, Low 68

WN: Tomorrow – Mostly Sunny High 90, Low 64
Sunday – Mostly SunnyMostly Sunny High 90, Low 66

FIO: Tomorrow – Clear throughout the day. High 91, Low 64
Sunday – Clear throughout the day. High 94, Low 64

Albany is a pretty soggy city most summers, but it looks like they will continue to stay dry for at least a couple more days. Here is the course of that tropical feature, though it should remain well below hurricane criteria.


A slight bit of relief

Temperatures were forecast to be in the mid 90s both Tuesday and Wednesday, but a weak cold front sinking south into Georgia had something else in mind for Albany. We knew that there was a boundary coming, but it was much more efficient at the surface all the way into south Georgia than anyone expected. There was no rain on Wednesday, but temperatures ended up only reaching 87 degrees. Yes, it’s terribly warm, especially for the northerners that read this site. There was a three way tie at the top, between the Weather Service, Weatherbbug and WeatherNation.
Actuals: Tuesday, .06 inches of rain, High 94, Low 76
Wednesday – High 87, Low 74

Grade: B-C

Albany, Georgia

Tomorrow – Showers and storms through most of the day, High 93, Low 75
Wednesday – Early showers and storms, High 95, Low 76

TWC: Isolated thunderstorms, High 93, Low 73
Wednesday – Sunny, High 94, Low 74

AW: Tomorrow – Times of sun and clouds with a shower or thunderstorm around in the afternoon High 92, Low 74
Wednesday – Clouds and breaks of sun High 93, Low 74

NWS: Tomorrow – A 50 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms, mainly after 9am. Partly sunny, High 94, Low 75
Wednesday – A 50 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms, mainly after 3pm. Mostly sunny, High 92, Low 75

WB: Tomorrow – Partly sunny with a 50 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms.High 94, Low 75
Wednesday – Mostly sunny with a 40 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. High 92, Low 75

WN: Tomorrow – Partly Cloudy with Isolated Showers High 95, Low 75
Wednesday – Partly Cloudy with Scattered Storms High 91, Low 75

FIO: Tomorrow – Light rain throughout the day.High 90, Low 74
Wednesday – Rain in the morning and evening. High 91, Low 74

This was actually the second forecast we have done via video for Albany. something about that townn, I guess.

The Weather Service is on to something

It’s not often that there is a precipitation forecast that belongs only to one outlet, and it comes through. That was the case in Albany, New York, however, as the National Weather Service called for an isolated thunderstorm on Tuesday. They were the only ones. Albany reported a trace of rain in a thunderstorm on Tuesday. They would have won it all, were it not for The Weather Channel’s crushing of the temperatures. TWC and NWS had a tie. Other than that, holy smokes was it hot.
Actuals: Tuesday: Trace of rain, High 93, Low 68
Wednesday – High 95, Low 67

Grade: B-C

Albany, New York to St. Louis, Missouri

Time for a trek! Two days from Albany to St. Louis. There is a bit of cooler, drier air penetrating the center of the country, so I think that should make it a bit more tolerable for those driving with the windows down. It’s a 1052.8 mile journey that will last about 2 days on the nose. This means a pace of about 64.3mph, which will allow us to cover 514 miles per day. Let’s see how how it’s going to go.

DAY ONE (Wednesday)
There may be a little bit of convection in the higher terrain of the Appalachians tomorrow, but by and large, the greater threat for showers and storms will be up in the higher terrain of the central Appalachians. The cap won’t break as we head west towards Buffalo, which means dry conditions in western New York. I think we will be in good shape through Erie and Ashtabula, but an approaching cold front will be touching off some heavy rain with embedded thunderstorms in southeast Michigan and Ohio. We might — might — see some thunderstorms out pacing the primary line of storms in Cleveland and south towards Akron. The heavier, more widespread shwers and storms will remain to our west, but if we do get grazed by something, it will bring a chance for torrential downpours. We will end the day west of Akron in Lodi, Ohio.

DAY TWO (Thursday)
The front will pass through Lodi as we sleep, and when we arise in the morning, it will be quite pleasant. It may not cool off much, but the humidity will be significantly less oppressive. Drive with the windows down through Indianapolis and west right into St. Louis.
St Louis

Albany, New York

Today we go to upstate New York, visiting the fine capital of Albany. Of course to some people, anything outside of NYC is considered upstate, but this really IS upstate!

At 1151pm EDT, the temperature at Albany, NY was 76 degrees under partly cloudy skies. A dissipating trough pushed through the Northeast today, kicking off scattered showers and thunderstorms around the area. This trough will dissipate overnight and be replaced by a weak area of high pressure for Tuesday. There’s a minimal chance of a thundershower popping off, and if so should be off to the south of Albany. High pressure should be firmly overhead for Wednesday, kicking up the temperature a couple more degrees and squashing any chances of precip for the area. Looks like July is heading out on a hot note!

Tuesday: Mostly sunny and hot. High 90, Low 68.
Wednesday: Sunny and hotter. High 92, Low 66.

TWC: Tuesday: Mostly sunny. High 92, Low 67.
Wednesday: Sunny and warmer. High 95, Low 66.

AW: Tuesday: Mostly sunny, hot and humid. High 91, Low 65.
Wednesday: Mostly sunny, continued hot and humid. High 92, Low 67.

NWS: Tuesday: Slight chance of T-Stms and patchy fog. High 90, Low 69.
Wednesday: Mostly sunny. High 92, Low 68.

WB: Tuesday: Very hot. High 90, Low 68.
Wednesday: Very hot. High 92, Low 66.

WN: Tuesday: Partly cloudy with patchy fog. High 90, Low 70.
Wednesday: Mostly sunny. High 91, Low 68.

FIO: Tuesday: Partly cloudy starting in the afternoon, continuing until evening. High 89, Low 66.
Wednesday: Partly cloudy throughout the day. High 90, Low 66.

Here we see an active mid-section of the country, but eastern NY is fairly quiet. Hopefully it stays that way for the next couple of days!


Above and beyond

Albany, Georgia looked to be impacted just as much by a deep trough in the eastern third of the country as anywhere else. Of course, for them, that simply meant temperatures would maybe dip to the low 70s for highs. On the other side of Georgia was a trough over the northern Bahamas. Instead of acting as a source of moisture, as was anticipated, it actually tended to keep cooler air at bay. In the end, Albany, despite some chilly forecasts, ended up with a high of 80 on both Tuesday and Wednesday. The warmer than expected temperatures meant busted forecasts, but Accuweather can claim the top spot.
Actuals: Tuesday – High 80, Low 54
Wednesday – High 80, Low 51

Grade: C

Albany, Georgia

We’re headed to south Georgia for a bit of sun and fun. Or doom and gloom. Not sure yet!

At 653PM, ET, Albany was reporting a temperature of 58 degrees and clear skies. The surface pattern isn’t pretty active, but fairly unintuitively, it is very strong. There is a night and day cold front sitting through the Tennessee Valley, but upper air forces suggest that the boundary will slow down and deteriorate before it arrives in Georgia.
A weak trough over the Bahamas is generating some instability over the tropical islands, while at the same time staving off the moisture as it attempts to move towards the front over the Tennessee Valley. A stronger jet moving out of the Plains will point towards Georgia tomorrow evening, which will overwhelm the Bahamian feature, and will draw moisture northwest towards South Georgia, and isolated thunderstorms will be possible in the evening. As the strong upper level trough becomes smoother, it will cease feeding instability to the southeastern US, and Thursday will level off as a fairly pleasant day.
Tomorrow – Partly cloudy, with a stray shower or storm in the evening. High 76, Low 50
Wednesday – Mostly sunny, High 75, Low 51

TWC: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny, High 76, Low 49
Wednesday – AM Clouds/PM Sun, High 75, Low 53

AW: Tomorrow – Partly sunny and nice High 76, Low 48
Wednesday – Pleasant with sun and some clouds High 75, Low 51

NWS: Tomorrow – Areas of fog before 11am. Otherwise, mostly sunny, High 75, Low 49
Wednesday – Patchy fog before 10am. Otherwise, mostly sunny, High 72, Low 53

WB: Tomorrow – Partly Cloury, High 75, Low 48
Wednesday – Partly cloudy, High 71, Low 52

WN: Tomorrow – Mostly Sunny with Areas of Fog High 75, Low 50
Wednesday – Partly Cloudy with Patchy Fog High 72, Low 54

Here is the look at the satellite imagery. The boundary, still well north of this image, is so strong, it’s ejecting a pre-frontal line of high clouds, which you can see in northern Georgia and Alabama.

A first for WeatherNation!

They did it! A full month in, and WeatherNation has its first victory, topping all competitors in Albany. They were one of only 4 outlets to properly forecast snow in the New York capital (they saw a trace before sunrise on Friday) but that wasn’t what put them over the edge. They also managed to generate the best temperature forecast, erring only on one time (the Friday low) and only then by 2 degrees. Congratulations, WeatherNation. We’ll see if this is a trend.
Actuals: Friday – Trace of snow, High 18, Low 3
Saturday – High 32, Low 1

Grade: A