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Lake Havasu City, Arizona to Killeen, Texas

Today we embark on a road trip that will take us from the Desert Southwest to the heart of Texas! 1,183 miles separate Lake Havasu from Killeen, and it’ll take 3 days to cover the ground, so sadly it will take all weekend to do so.


Some high overcast skies are expected as we depart the area and head east on I-40 as a system is pushing its way over the Western US, bringing more plentiful rains and mountain snows to the Sierras and Northern Rockies. Luckily, we’ll be ahead of the system today and shouldn’t encounter any significant winds either. We’ll end this fairly uneventful day in Albuquerque.


An area of low pressure develops over the Central Plains out as the energy from over the Western US finally begins to eject out over the Plains. High clouds will continue over the region, and once again, we’ll be avoiding the precip today as the main bulk of it remains caught up in the Four Corners region as well as some light activity possibly being found off to the northeast of our route. Winds will probably be a bit gustier from the south as we make our way past Lubbock and eventually into Abilene for the night


High pressure continues to barrel southward over the Central/Southern Plains, however winds will continue to be elevated as low pressure cutoff over the Southwest will keep the gradient up over the region. Clouds will be more plentiful today, with a lower stratus layer expected to linger through much of the morning. Some of it might break up as our short day ends in Killeen around noon, but sunshine won’t be terribly long-lived today.

Bowling Green, Kentucky

Today we head off to Bowling Green! No, not that one. No not that one either. Yes! That one! The Kentucky one!

At 853pm CST, the temperature at Bowling Green, KY was 27 degrees under fair skies. There’s a bit of high pressure starting to work its way into the region and while it’s overcast off to the northwest, the clouds pretty much run out right as they get to Bowling Green. High pressure will slowly shift over the area for the next couple of days, keeping the region dry through the weekend. Not much to talk about, so get that Christmas shopping done!

Friday: Mostly sunny. High 33, Low 19.
Saturday: Sunny and a bit warmer. High 39, Low 17.

TWC: Friday: Sunny. High 34, Low 22.
Saturday: Sunny. High 40, Low 21.

AW: Friday: Mostly sunny and cold. High 34, Low 18.
Saturday: Mostly sunny. High 39, Low 18.

NWS: Friday: Sunny. High 32, Low 18.
Saturday: Mostly sunny. High 38, Low 18.

WB: Friday: Mostly sunny. High 32, Low 21.
Saturday: Partly cloudy. High 38, Low 21.

WN: Friday: Mostly sunny. High 32, Low 18.
Saturday: Partly cloudy. High 37, Low 18.

FIO: Friday: Partly cloudy overnight, then clearing. High 34, Low 23.
Saturday: Clear throughout the day. High 38, Low 20.

Here we see the leading edge of some overcast clouds trailing off over central KY. These clouds should erode over the area going into the weekend leading to a fairly decent, albeit chilly, couple of upcoming days.

Cleveland, Ohio

Forecasting for the shores of the Great Lakes can by fraught with difficulty. Let’s see if Cleveland will greet us with such hardships!

At 1053pm EST, the temperature at Cleveland, OH was 35 degrees under overcast skies. There’s a Lake Effect Snow Watch in effect for the area from 7pm Thursday until 10am Saturday. Winter is taking its first icy grip over much of the Northern US these days as a trough swings its way through the Western Great Lakes. Winds will be turning out of the WNW over the next 12-18 hours, which will start to turn on the lake effect snow machine, with Winter Storm Warnings in effect for the western shores of Lower Michigan and Lake Effect Snow Warnings for Upper Michigan and portions of PA/NY that are susceptible to such events. Storm totals in these parts could wind up above 2 feet by the time Sunday rolls around, but luckily, the worst will pass to the northeast of Cleveland. Some light snow is possible tomorrow, with an uptick in activity for Friday, but amounts in the next 48 hours look to be in the 1-3″ range.

Thursday: Cloudy, better chance of afternoon/evening snow showers. High 33, Low 27.
Friday: Snow showers, may be moderate at times. High 33, Low 25.

TWC: Thursday: Cloudy and windy, scattered snow showers. High 30, Low 29.
Friday: Morning snow showers. High 34, Low 29.

AW: Thursday: Colder with snow at times. High 32, Low 27.
Friday: Snow squalls, 1-3″. High 35, Low 27.

NWS: Thursday: Chance of snow showers and breezy. High 31, Low 28.
Friday: Snow showers. High 32, Low 27.

WB: Thursday: 50% chance of snow showers. High 30, Low 29.
Friday: Snow showers. High 32, Low 25.

WN: Thursday: Windy with snow showers possible. High 30, Low 28.
Friday: Cloudy with snow showers. High 32, Low 27.

FIO: Thursday: Light snow (under 1″) in the morning and afternoon. High 35, Low 29.
Friday: Light snow throughout the day. High 33, Low 30.

There’s a few areas of light snow showers passing off to the south. As the winds swing around in the next day or so, look out for some lake effect snow bands, especially to the northeast. Good thing there’s no baseball games happening now, since I don’t think snow delays last for just 17 minutes.

Relief on its way

It was very warm in the central Valley of California over the weekend, and that bled into the beginning of the week. It was 103 in Hanford on Monday, but the good news was that clearing skies meant the overnight low was in the mid 50s. It was hot during the day, but no sleep was lost. Then, some clouds filtered in late in the day Monday, which meant temperatures didn’t drop as significantly Monday night into Tuesday. It also stayed a hair cooler, lingering in double digits instead of breaching triple digits. Accuweather most successfully charted the cool down, winning the forecast for the day.
Actuals: Monday – High 103, Low 97
Tuesday – High 97, Low 61

Grade: B-D

Kokomo, Indiana to St. Joseph, Missouri

I always thought that Indianna was generally much further north than Missouri, but, as it turns out, they aren’t that far apart when looking at their polar pllacement. The trip from Kokomo to St. Joseph is almost due west. Without a north/south element to the drive, it’s only an 8 hour drive, covering 519 miles, which will, thanks to some rounding, equate to a pace of 63.4mph. There will be some slow roads through rural parts of the Mid-Mississippi Valley.

It’s still there. The lingering ridge riding rain showers funneled through the Ohio Valley are continuing to fall across the region. There were flood warnings from Cleveland all the way to the Ozarks. Fortunately, this heavy rain will mostly stay south of our route. There will be a bit of organization within this moist plume. As is the case with organizing trough structures, the heavy rain will start to lift to the north. If we start off in time and head out fast enough, we’ll avoid the rain completely. If not, the threat should be through by the time we reach Decatur. Clear weather will blanket northern Missouri bringing warmer temperatures to the region, and signaling a good end to the drive.
St Joseph

Southwest Swelters as Summer Beckons

As we cruise into the latter part of June, summer activities are in full swing. Kids are off of school, families are taking vacations, and once again, the Desert Southwest explodes into a monster heat wave.

Last year, Summer was welcomed with some brutal heat, coinciding with Electric Daisy Carnival 2015, as Vegas hit 110+ on back to back days during the wildly popular music festival. EDC 2016 is already underway as Friday’s high peaked at 97 and today hit 101… however the biggest part of the impending heat wave is going to move in starting Sunday. Vegas looks to hit 110 Monday and stay above that through Wednesday. Meanwhile, Phoenix is cracking 115 degrees for the next couple of days, and of course, the King of High Temperatures, Death Valley leads the way with FIVE straight days of 120+ degree highs forecasted. Summer certainly is going to come in like a lion when it officially starts on Monday evening.

The Week Ahead 5/1/16 – 5/7/16

All forecasts this week, but we will be without a road trip. Hopefully May is a hair warmer than the end of April!
Sunday – Charlotte, North Carolina
Tuesday – Yuma, Arizona
Thursday – Greenville, South Carolina
Friday – Washington DC
Saturday – Columbus, Ohio

NWS upgrades their forecast

Much has been made about the ffact that the National Weather Service will be going from it’s all caps teletype forecasts to a more plain text, mixed case format for their forecast discussion. By that, I mean their forecast will look a little bit more like you would find here or in a book or really anywhere. No more yelling forecast.

Not many people look at the forecast discussion, though. Not many people know that they exist beyond someone like, say, a meteorologist seeking an additional opinion.  What will grab your eye is their new graphical forecast, which is now much easier to manage and maneuver:

Instead of clicking around with some arrows and a difficult to parse interface, it’s just a slider with a drop down for controls, and all with a much more refined map. It’s an obvious upgrade. Is there anything else you would like to see out of the NWS digital map? How about the discussions? Let us know in the comments.

New Orleans, Louisiana to Racine, Wisconsin

Well, Spring Break is over, so time to head on back. Looks like it’ll take 2 days to get back from our Gulf Coast soiree to Racine, WI. It’s just over 1000 miles so it will take two days to return. Party’s over folks!

New Orleans


As alluded to in my forecast for New Orleans yesterday, an intensifying area of low pressure is shifting through the Mid-MS River Valley and trailing a strong cold front through the Southern Plains. Numerous thunderstorms developed today from MO down into central TX, stirring up cells capable of strong winds and large hail. This front will continue moving into the direct path of our route northward in the morning, but luckily the worst of the cells should have died off a while ago. We can expect showers and thunderstorms as we go northward through western MS, passing Jackson and continuing towards Memphis. By early afternoon, the cold front should be west of our route, so outside of a couple straggling showers, no more precip is expected on this leg, just some gusty northwest winds as we progress through extreme northeast Arkansas and eventually into Sikeston, MO, our destination for the night.


Today’s weather will be MUCH nicer for the final leg of the trip, as high pressure settled into the area overnight. Relatively light winds are expected and some sun is anticipated, but we can expect some increasing clouds as we make our way past Chicago and eventually into Racine for the night, as low pressure developing over the Upper Midwest will muck things up, but remain dry.