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Southwest Swelters as Summer Beckons

As we cruise into the latter part of June, summer activities are in full swing. Kids are off of school, families are taking vacations, and once again, the Desert Southwest explodes into a monster heat wave.

Last year, Summer was welcomed with some brutal heat, coinciding with Electric Daisy Carnival 2015, as Vegas hit 110+ on back to back days during the wildly popular music festival. EDC 2016 is already underway as Friday’s high peaked at 97 and today hit 101… however the biggest part of the impending heat wave is going to move in starting Sunday. Vegas looks to hit 110 Monday and stay above that through Wednesday. Meanwhile, Phoenix is cracking 115 degrees for the next couple of days, and of course, the King of High Temperatures, Death Valley leads the way with FIVE straight days of 120+ degree highs forecasted. Summer certainly is going to come in like a lion when it officially starts on Monday evening.

The Week Ahead 5/1/16 – 5/7/16

All forecasts this week, but we will be without a road trip. Hopefully May is a hair warmer than the end of April!
Sunday – Charlotte, North Carolina
Tuesday – Yuma, Arizona
Thursday – Greenville, South Carolina
Friday – Washington DC
Saturday – Columbus, Ohio

NWS upgrades their forecast

Much has been made about the ffact that the National Weather Service will be going from it’s all caps teletype forecasts to a more plain text, mixed case format for their forecast discussion. By that, I mean their forecast will look a little bit more like you would find here or in a book or really anywhere. No more yelling forecast.

Not many people look at the forecast discussion, though. Not many people know that they exist beyond someone like, say, a meteorologist seeking an additional opinion.  What will grab your eye is their new graphical forecast, which is now much easier to manage and maneuver:

Instead of clicking around with some arrows and a difficult to parse interface, it’s just a slider with a drop down for controls, and all with a much more refined map. It’s an obvious upgrade. Is there anything else you would like to see out of the NWS digital map? How about the discussions? Let us know in the comments.

New Orleans, Louisiana to Racine, Wisconsin

Well, Spring Break is over, so time to head on back. Looks like it’ll take 2 days to get back from our Gulf Coast soiree to Racine, WI. It’s just over 1000 miles so it will take two days to return. Party’s over folks!

New Orleans


As alluded to in my forecast for New Orleans yesterday, an intensifying area of low pressure is shifting through the Mid-MS River Valley and trailing a strong cold front through the Southern Plains. Numerous thunderstorms developed today from MO down into central TX, stirring up cells capable of strong winds and large hail. This front will continue moving into the direct path of our route northward in the morning, but luckily the worst of the cells should have died off a while ago. We can expect showers and thunderstorms as we go northward through western MS, passing Jackson and continuing towards Memphis. By early afternoon, the cold front should be west of our route, so outside of a couple straggling showers, no more precip is expected on this leg, just some gusty northwest winds as we progress through extreme northeast Arkansas and eventually into Sikeston, MO, our destination for the night.


Today’s weather will be MUCH nicer for the final leg of the trip, as high pressure settled into the area overnight. Relatively light winds are expected and some sun is anticipated, but we can expect some increasing clouds as we make our way past Chicago and eventually into Racine for the night, as low pressure developing over the Upper Midwest will muck things up, but remain dry.


San Jose, California

Today we visit San Jose, CA, coincidentally, the city where my best friend moved to last year! Let’s check in and see what the weather will be like for the next couple of days out there.

At 953pmPST, the temperature in San Jose, CA was 53 degrees under mostly cloudy skies. Its been quite the busy week in the area, with a couple of potent storms moving through and droping copious amounts of rain. It’s been enough to reduce the drought level in the immediate area from Severe to Moderate, however, there is still a long ways to go to get the region back from the multi-year drought they’re experiencing. Another strong low pressure system is starting to trek towards the West Coast, with a warm front pushing onshore over far Northern CA. Rain showers are spreading throughout N CA and W Oregon and are expected to spread far enough southward to give the San Jose are a few light showers late Wednesday morning. Activity will shift out of the area by the late afternoon, offering a bit of a reprieve. It won’t last long though, as the cold front associated with the low will shift into the area early Wednesday morning as the main low pressure area shifts towards Vancouver Island. Rain looks to last most of the day, dropping much higher amounts in the Bay Area than Wednesday’s bout.

Wednesday: Some morning showers, then clearing a bit. High 67, Low 51.
Thursday: Afternoon showers expected. High 69, Low 54.

TWC: Wednesday: Cloudy, chance of showers. High 69, Low 49.
Thursday: Afternoon showers. High 67, Low 53.

AW: Wednesday: A bit of rain in the morning. High 68, Low 51.
Thursday: A little afternoon rain. High 69, Low 55.

NWS: Wednesday: Chance of rain before 11am, then mostly cloudy. High 68, Low 49.
Thursday: Chance of showers throughout the day. High 65, Low 53.

WB: Wednesday: Chance of rain. High 68, Low 47.
Thursday: Chance of rain showers. High 66, Low 52.

WN: Wednesday: Mostly cloudy with scattered showers. High 68, Low 50.
Thursday: Mostly cloudy with isolated showers. High 66, Low 54.

FIO: Wednesday: Light rain in the morning and afternoon. High 65, Low 51.
Thursday: Light rain starting in the afternoon. High 64, Low 52.

It’s dry in the San Jose area… for now. The next round of showers is currently makes its way onto the far Northern CA coast. Get those umbrellas handy!


EmBattled in Michigan

The clouds parted a bit early Sunday morning in Battle Creek, causing temperatures to drop a few degrees lower than most anticipated. Temperatures rebounded quite nicely on Monday, and the isolated showers that were forecast by some luckily avoided the area. Accuweather lived up to its name with a solid forecast.

Sunday: High 41, Low 19.
Monday: High 58, Low 39.
Forecast Grade: B

The Week Ahead 1/24/16 – 1/30/16

We have a very busy week on its way, filled with forecasts. You can believe that we will have a recap for the major event set to happen this weekend as well. Let’s see what’s on our docket.
Monday – Appleton, Wisconsin
Tuesday – Elmira, New York
Wednesday – Jackson, Mississippi; Road Trip from Elmira to Jackson
Thursday – Rochester, New York; Road trip from Jackson to Rochester
Friday – Warner Robins, Georgia
Saturday – Wichita, Kansas

Tropical Season Gets A Huge Head Start

Normally, Hurricane season for the Atlantic Basin starts on June 1 and finishes on November 30th. Every so often, a storm jumps the gun and gets going in May or lingers into December. Not entirely uncommon to see these rogue systems develop. However, a tropical storm developing in JANUARY? And intensify into a HURRICANE?!

Well, Alex decided to do just that. It developed as a subtropical system in the far western Atlantic and traveled almost due north. But instead of weakening, it actually intensified as it started picking up steam northward. Alex became the first hurricane on record to form in January since 1938, and actually developed a rather impressive looking eye.


Other than affecting the Azores, Alex isn’t expected to really impact major populated areas. It certainly could be an interesting year if systems are already deciding to give it a go before Valentine’s Day comes around!

Palm Bay, Florida

Today we head off to Florida. Usually a good place to go in the midst of January, since you’re typically assured warm temps and fairly pleasant weather. Will that be the case this weekend?

At 1053pm EST, the temperature was 62 degrees in fog. An area of low pressure is shifting through the Gulf of Mexico and while it’s expected to be ill-defined as it shifts through the region tomorrow, it’ll still bring plentiful rainfall to the FL Peninsula. It should clear out by tomorrow evening, bringing a bit of a lull for Saturday morning. However, an area of low pressure looks to intensify over the Lower MS River Valley and quickly shift into the OH/TN valley. While rain will spread throughout the Southeast US, additional rain showers will be possible over the area, mainly in the very late evening hours. So while Saturday midday should be pleasant, an evening stroll might need an umbrella.

Friday: Scattered showers. High 77, Low 60.
Saturday: Scattered shwoers late. High 80, Low 61.

TWC: Friday: Cloudy, isolated showers. High 76, Low 63.
Saturday: Mostly cloudy, isolated showers. High 81, Low 64.

AW: Friday: Couple of morning showers. High 78, Low 63.
Saturday: Couple of thunderstorms. High 78, Low 64.

NWS: Friday: Chance of showers. High 78, Low 61.
Saturday: More showers. High 79, Low 61.

WB: Friday: Chance of showers. High 79, Low 60.
Saturday: Chance of storms. High 80, Low 60.

WN: Friday: Mostly cloudy with scattered showers. High 79, Low 63.
Saturday: Mostly cloudy with scattered showers. High 79, Low 61.

FIO: Friday: Light rain throughout the day. High 75, Low 62.
Saturday: Light rain until evening, starting again overnight. High 79, Low 65.

Here we see broad, light rain showers moving in over the Western FL coastline, and smaller more intense showers lingering well off the eastern coastline. More significant rain will sweep over the Peninsula over the weekend.