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Here comes Igor

Already at this time, the winds are at 48mph in Bermuda, where Igor will make a direct hit. That’s some pretty bad luck. And this storm is a monster, and it will get very bad for that island, where the airport is already closed.

Dude. DUDE. DUDE!!!!

For those that haven’t seen it yet, one of the better storm videos ever seen, particularly in a major urban area. No, it’s not because the weather is so gripping (though it’s pretty cool), but rather because of a couple of bros who happened to see it move through their Brooklyn neighborhood. some language is inappropriate, but if you are OK with that, the sound really adds something to the experience.

It’s funneling bro!

Some recent storm reports

Yesterday afternoon, a strong bow echo made it’s way through northern New Jersey, Staten Island and Brooklyn before reaching Long Island. It obviously wasn’t the strongest storm, but given that it hit the most densely populated tract of land in the country, there were many reports of damage and an unlucky soul lost his life when a tree fell on the car he was in. There is an excellent gallery of some of the damage in Brooklyn over at CNN.

Also yesterday, there was a tornado outbreak in the Ohio Valley, starting in central Ohio and moving into West Virginia. The hardest hit area was Athens, Ohio, in the southeastern part of the state. A local high school and newspaper were struck, including a soccer game, which had a tornado pass over the field. NBC4 out of Columbus has the details.

Lastly is this picture, where we see some hail from a storm that hit eastern Kansas earlier this week. Not much more to add, outside of “look out below!”

Welcome from the United Kingdom!

I don’t know how many of you have found your way to Victoria-Weather from the United Kingdom today, but for those of you who have, I wanted to say welcome, and thank you for visiting! For those that don’t know, Anthony’s post on the UK and the Met Office was tweeted on the Met Office’s Twitter feed the other day. Incredible!
Just to prove that we Yanks can say a thing or two about the United Kingdom, here is a quick rundown on the weather across the pond right now:
A strong low off the coast of Norway is directing stout northerly flow to the area, particularly along the eastern shores of Great Britain. Heaviest rain is falling over Scotland and the gustiest winds will be there and over Northern Ireland. The best chance for a dry period for the next 48 hours will be across southern Wales and far southwestern England thought even they are in line for some murky conditions. It will be a perfect time to stay indoors and see what the Met Office has to say. Better yet, it’s a good time to see what’s going on here in the United States! Thanks for reading!

Where will there be week one rain?

The NFL season starts in earnest tomorrow afternoon. What are the potential weather trouble spots? Here are a couple sites to keep an eye on. The good news is, there are only a few sites to really be wary of, particularly as it comes to rain and thunderstorms, as only a system swinging through Ontario will really bring inclement weather to any part of the country. Some games to take a look at if you want to see players fight the elements:
Carolina Panthers @ New York Giants (1pm)
Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills (1pm)
Atlanta Falcons @ Pittsburgh Steelers (1pm)
Green Bay Packers and Philadelphia Eagles (4pm) – This game looks especially rainy
And then the Monday special, the Baltimore Ravens at the New York Jets late Monday.
Enjoy the season, and the rest o the country, enjoy the weather!

Tornado clips Dallas

From CNN, we get this video of a weak little tornado scooting through Dallas as Tropical Storm Hermine made her way through the city. On top of providing a lot of rain to the south central US, the rotation incumbent upon a tropical system often provides a few of these little tornadoes. This time, one happened to touch down in south Dallas. Fortunately, damage was kept to a minimum, and frankly, it looks like a lot of those cars didn’t even notice it was there. Still, a cool video.

Name Game

Well the ’10 Hurricane Season has picked up in a hurry the last couple of weeks with the conveyor belt of Danielle, Earl, Fiona, and the short-lived Gaston, and Hermine which is weakening over Texas currently. As per the typical 6-year cycle, the next name would be Ivan. However, since Ivan back in 2004 became the 10th most intense system ever recorded in the Atlantic Basin before smashing into Gulf Shores, AL as a Category 3, Ivan was retired and replaced with Igor. Somehow I think if Igor lurches along the coastline at 3mph, there’s going to be a lot of “Yes maaaaaaaaaaaster” jokes floating about.

Typically, tropical storm names are used that reflect the various parts the of the world they affect. Names in the Atlantic Basin borrow from Europe, North and Central America; Western Pacific typhoons borrow from Indonesia, Japan, China, Southeast Asia, and so on. That being said, wouldn’t it be somewhat interesting if the NHC, in an attempt started dispersing names to the highest corporate bigger? Imagine “Hurricane Igor, sponsored by Target”, or “Tropical Storm Ralph Lauren”. Ridiculous I know, but how about they had to donate $1 million to affected regions should the storm make landfall somewhere as well? That would be some good press to have. There would have to be discretion though, as “Hurricane 2000 Flushes” would lead to incomplete weather reports across the nation, as anchors and forecasters would be too busy laughing to finish their segments. In the meantime, we await you Igor!

Earl and Forecaster of the Month

We’re doing a quick combo post. Let’s get the important information out of the way first: Tropical Storm Earl has weakened significantly from his peak, but will continue to slide past southern New England and may still bring very strong winds to the Cape area and the islands of Massachusetts. In fact, Martha’s Vineyard is reporting 31kt winds at this time (about 35mph). A bullet was dodged, in how much Earl weekend, but we’re not entirely out of the woods yet. By Saturday evening, however, it looks like Earl will by sidling into Nova Scotia, leaving the rest of the world to breath a sigh of relief.
Well, now that we have that out of the way, and Earl is heading for Canada, I can tell you who gained the top spot for the month of August. IT was, as it has been all year, The Weather Channel, though it came down to the final forecast. They wouldn’t have won the top spot had they not dominated the Des Moines forecast, so thank you Des Moines.

East Coast watching Earl

Hurricane Earl passed by Puerto Rico yesterday, remaining north of the island, but still making his presence felt. San Juan, on the north side of the island reported gusts as high as 40mph yesterday afternoon as Earl began veer off to the north, where he will strafe the Bahamas today.
Domestically, the concern is, of course, whether or not Earl will make land fall in the continental United States. At this time, it doesn’t appear he will make a direct landfall, but he will certainly come close enough to cause problems to the Outer Banks of North Carolina by Thursday, then more impactfully, from Long Island to Cape Cod on Friday. Winds of up to 60mph will be possible over eastern Long Island, perhaps slightly stronger by Nantucket, Martha’s Vinyard and Cape Cod Friday evening.
Last night, the forecast models took a giant step to the west with Earl’s plotted track. This morning, the track forecasts reverted to the east, which is great news for the east coast, even though it doesn’t get them fully out of the woods, and those 60mph winds are still possible. Expect the next update to the forecast track from the Hurricane center to take Earl further east, with a landfall near Halifax, Nova Scotia, rather than the southern end of the Province.
This isn’t a doom or gloom situation for the area, because Earl is moving very quickly, and only one bad day of miserable weather is expected for many sites along the east coast, and fortunately, there shouldn’t be a landfall with Earl as a major hurricane.