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The Week Ahead: 5/9/10 – 5/15/10

We have a forecast scheduled for every day of this coming week, I hope you come prepared.

Sunday – Port St. Lucie, Florida; Road Trip: Omaha, Nebraska – Port St. Lucie
Monday – San Diego, California
Tuesday – Muncie, Indiana
Wednesday – Little Rock, Arkansas
Thursday – Providence, Rhode Island
Friday – Hickory, North Carolina; Road Trip: Providence to Hickory
Saturday – Lexington, Kentucky

The Week Ahead: 5/2/10-5/8/10

Wow, we’re already to the end of April. Tornado season is upon us!

Monday – Evansville, Indiana
Tuesday – Chattanooga, Tennessee
Friday – Road Trip: Corvallis Oregon to Danville, Virginia
Saturday – Omaha, Nebraska.

The Week Ahead 4/25/10-5/1/25

A pretty standard week coming up. With the spring thunderstorm season underway, we should have plenty to talk about!

Sunday – Allentown, Pennsylvania
Tuesday – Road Trip: Winston-Salem, North Carolina to Fayetteville, Arkansas
Friday – Bangor, Maine
Saturday – Kingsport, Tennessee; Road Trip: Bangor to Kingsport

The Week Ahead: 4/18/10-4/24/10

We drew a rhombus with our road trips this week!

Monday – Naples, Florida
Tuesday – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Road Trip: Naples to Oklahoma City
Thursday – Johnson City, Tennessee; Road Trip: Ames, Iowa to Johnson City

The Week Ahead: 4/11/10-4/17/10

What a scattershot week this week. We’re covering as much geographic territory as possible, it appears.

Sunday – Anchorage, Alaska
Monday – Bridgeport, Connecticut
Wednesday – Forecast in Jefferson City, Missouri
Thursday – Road Trip from Jefferson City, Missouri to Gainesville, Georgia

The Week Ahead: 4/4/10-4/10/10

I will be on vacation through Tuesday, so it will be all Anthony, all the time until then. Be kind.

Sunday – Rome, Georgia
Monday – Salisbury, Maryland
Tuesday – Road Trip (Salisbury, Maryland to San Jose California)
Thursday – Bridgeport, Connecticut
Friday – Youngstown, Ohio

The Week Ahead: 3/28/10-4/3/10

As you can see from the map below, we’ll be crisscrossing the country with our road trips this week (it looks not unlike a fox, if you ask me). I will be leaving on vacation Friday afternoon, so posts that day and into Saturday morning will be… fluid. Be patient please.

Monday – Elizabethtown, Kentucky
Tuesday – Denver, Colorado; Road trip: Elizabethtown to Denver
Wednesday -Gainesville, Florida; Road Trip: Denver to Gainesville
Thursday – Greensboro, North Carolina
Friday – Altoona, Pennsylvania; Road Trip: Greensboro to Altoona
Saturday – Evansville, Indiana; Road Trip: Altoona to Evansville

The Week Ahead 3/21/10-3/27/10

We will have a predilection with the southeast this week, as we spend three forecasts in Florida or Georgia. We’ll also have a few road trips crisscross the nation, and according to the blue line on the map, one trip that will take us right over the Gulf of Mexico.

Sunday – Columbus, Georgia
Monday – Gainesville, Florida; Road Trip from Columbus to Gainesville
Wednesday – Santa Cruz, California; Road Trip from Allentown, Pennsylvania to Santa Cruz
Thursday – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Friday – Naples, Florida
Saturday – Road Trip from Naples to Beaumont, Texas

The week ahead: 3/14/10-3/20/10

Let’s hope this week goes a little better than the last time we put out a schedule, eh? We’ll be quite the world travelers…. well, national travelers with three trips on the docket.

Monday – Fresno, California
Tuesday – Road Trip, Fresno to Allentown, Pennsylvania
Wednesday – Road Trip, Allentown to Montgomery, Alabama
Thursday – Richmond, Virginia
Saturday – Newport News, Virginia, Road Trip Jonesboro, Arkansas to Newport News

The Week Ahead, a reminder

I figured that, since we will be going with the same forecast schedule as we intended to go with last week, it might be nice if I remind you of the week we are planning. One other thing, if you are reading this site using Google Reader, be sure to update your feed, as it has changed. Thanks for sticking with us!

Monday – Bay City, Michigan
Tuesday – Memphis, Tennessee
Wednesday – Road Trip, Memphis to Elkhart, Indiana
Thursday – Columbus, Georgia
Saturday – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina