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The Week Ahead 6/6/10-6/12/10

Our first full week in June will be East Coast heavy, but we will take one long trip out to the West Coast.

Sunday – Elmira, New York
Monday – Hagerstown, Maryland
Tuesday – Corvallis, Oregon; Road trip from Hagerstown to Corvallis
Friday – Road Trip from Erie, Pennsylvania to Ocean City, New Jersey

The Week Ahead 5/30/10-6/5/10

Wow, already into June. A few summer time forecasts for you next week.

Monday – Decatur, Alabama
Thursday – Auburn, Alabama; Road Trip from Benton Harbor, Michigan to Auburn
Friday – Hanford, California

The Week Ahead, 5/23/10-5/29/10

We’re sneaking up on June with this week. Where does the time go? We have no city forecasts this week, but we do have a few road trips!

Monday – Road Trip from Jacksonville, North Carolina to Jackson, Mississippi
Tuesday – Road Trip from Jackson to Atlantic City, New Jersey
Thursday – Road Trip from Portland, Maine to Elmira, New York.

The Week Ahead: 5/18/10-5/22/10

That big x across the country tells us there are a couple of cross country road trips this week. We’re all over the map!

Monday – Oxnard, California; Road trip: Lancaster, Pennsylvania to Oxnard
Tuesday – Great Falls, Montana
Wednesday – Road Trip: Great Falls to Fayetteville, Arkansas
Friday – Dover, Delaware
Saturday – Davenport, Iowa

The Week Ahead: 5/9/10 – 5/15/10

We have a forecast scheduled for every day of this coming week, I hope you come prepared.

Sunday – Port St. Lucie, Florida; Road Trip: Omaha, Nebraska – Port St. Lucie
Monday – San Diego, California
Tuesday – Muncie, Indiana
Wednesday – Little Rock, Arkansas
Thursday – Providence, Rhode Island
Friday – Hickory, North Carolina; Road Trip: Providence to Hickory
Saturday – Lexington, Kentucky

The Week Ahead: 5/2/10-5/8/10

Wow, we’re already to the end of April. Tornado season is upon us!

Monday – Evansville, Indiana
Tuesday – Chattanooga, Tennessee
Friday – Road Trip: Corvallis Oregon to Danville, Virginia
Saturday – Omaha, Nebraska.

The Week Ahead 4/25/10-5/1/25

A pretty standard week coming up. With the spring thunderstorm season underway, we should have plenty to talk about!

Sunday – Allentown, Pennsylvania
Tuesday – Road Trip: Winston-Salem, North Carolina to Fayetteville, Arkansas
Friday – Bangor, Maine
Saturday – Kingsport, Tennessee; Road Trip: Bangor to Kingsport

The Week Ahead: 4/18/10-4/24/10

We drew a rhombus with our road trips this week!

Monday – Naples, Florida
Tuesday – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Road Trip: Naples to Oklahoma City
Thursday – Johnson City, Tennessee; Road Trip: Ames, Iowa to Johnson City

The Week Ahead: 4/11/10-4/17/10

What a scattershot week this week. We’re covering as much geographic territory as possible, it appears.

Sunday – Anchorage, Alaska
Monday – Bridgeport, Connecticut
Wednesday – Forecast in Jefferson City, Missouri
Thursday – Road Trip from Jefferson City, Missouri to Gainesville, Georgia

The Week Ahead: 4/4/10-4/10/10

I will be on vacation through Tuesday, so it will be all Anthony, all the time until then. Be kind.

Sunday – Rome, Georgia
Monday – Salisbury, Maryland
Tuesday – Road Trip (Salisbury, Maryland to San Jose California)
Thursday – Bridgeport, Connecticut
Friday – Youngstown, Ohio