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The Week Ahead, 8/8/10 – 8/14/10

You will definitely notice a distinct cluster to our forecasts this week. It’s Southeast Week at The Weather Blog!

Sunday – Tallahassee, Floriday; Road Trip from Greenville, South Carolina to Tallahassee
Thursday – Jackson, Mississippi; Road Trip from Springfield, Missouri to Jackson
Friday – Chattanooga, Tennessee

The Week Ahead 8/1/10-8/7/10

Another busy week ahead of us to begin August. Wow, August already. Have you enjoyed summer like I have thus far?


Sunday – Bismarck, North Dakota, Road Trip from Fort Wayne, Indiana to Bismarck
Wednesday – Wenatchee, Washington
Thursday – Louisville, Kentucky
Friday – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Saturday – Greenville, South CArolina

The Week Ahead: 7/25/10-7/31/10

We’re looking ahead to a busy week with nation-wide coverage.

Sunday – Salt Lake City, Utah
Monday – Gainesville, Florida; Road Trip from Salt Lake City to Gainesville
Tuesday – Naples, Florida
Wednesday – Road Trip from Naples to Kingston, New York
Friday – Reno, Nevada
Saturday – Fort Wayne, Indiana

The Week Ahead 7/18/10-7/24/10

We’re scattered about the southeastern US, with one notable exception this week.

Sunday – Atlanta, Georgia
Tuesday – Saint Louis, Missouri; Road Trip: Harrisonburg, Virginia to Saint Louis
Wednesday – Billings, Montana; Road Trip Saint Louis to Billins
Thursday – Jackson, Michigan
Friday – Clarksville, Tennessee

The Week Ahead 7/11/10-7/17/10

Good national coverage this week, so we’ll be able to get you a pretty good idea what is going on across the good ol’ US of A

Sunday – Napa, California
Monday – Road Trip from Napa, California to Farmington, New York
Thursday – Norwich, Connecticut
Friday – Wasau, Wisconsin
Saturday – Monroe Louisiana

The Week Ahead: 7/4/10-7/10/10

We’ll start on Independence day, then kep on moving through the rest of the week on what promises to be a fairly busy stretch.

Sunday – Wichita, Kansas
Monday – Cheyenne, Wyoming
Wednesday – Winchester, Virginia
Friday – Road Trip from Greenville, North Carolina to Nashville, Tennessee

The Week Ahead 6/27/10-7/03/10

Taking us up to the holiday weekend with another week away from the East Coast.

Sunday – Road Trip from Cleveland, Ohio to Morristown, Tennessee.
Monday – Sioux City, Iowa; Road Trip from Morristown to Sioux City
Wednesday – Jefferson City, Missouri
Friday – San Jose, California
Saturday – Fargo, North Dakota

The Week Ahead 6/20/10 – 6/26/10

This is a strange looking map. We’re staying off the coasts, unless you count Lake Erie, and we’re heading to places like Idaho and New Mexico. Odd.

Monday – Elmira, New York
Wednesday – Road Trip from Toledo, Ohio to Rochester, Minnesota.
Thursday – Lewiston, Idaho
Friday – Las Cruces, New Mexico
Saturday – Cleveland, Ohio

The Week Ahead 6/13/10-6/19/10

We’re looking at a very west heavy week. The furthest east we go is Little Rock on a road trip. Not often something like this happens.

Monday – Road trip from Pocatello, Idaho to Little Rock, Arkansas
Tuesday – Oakland, California
Thursday – El Paso, Texas
Friday – Road Trip, El Paso, Texas to Lawton, Oklahoma
Saturday – Visalia, California

The Week Ahead 6/6/10-6/12/10

Our first full week in June will be East Coast heavy, but we will take one long trip out to the West Coast.

Sunday – Elmira, New York
Monday – Hagerstown, Maryland
Tuesday – Corvallis, Oregon; Road trip from Hagerstown to Corvallis
Friday – Road Trip from Erie, Pennsylvania to Ocean City, New Jersey