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The Week Ahead: 9/26/10-10/02/10

We’re taking a big cross section out of the middle of the country. Coast to Coast!

Sunday – Redding, California
Monday – Pueblo, Colorado
Tuesday – Forecast in Springfield, Illinois; Road Trip from Pueblo to Springfield
Wednesday – Road Trip from Springfield to Santa Cruz, California
Friday – Bloomington, Indiana
Saturday – Cumberland, Maryland; Road Trip from Bloomington to Cumberland

The week ahead: 9/19/10 – 9/25/10

We have another blog round up at the end of the week again this week! This time, we’re going to check out the east coast and Philadelphia. Let us know if there is anything we should be checking out, out there in Philly!

Tuesday – Alexandria, Louisiana
Wednesday – McAllen, Texas; Road Trip from Alexandria to McAllen
Thursday – Fresno, California
Friday – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Saturday – Road Trip from Philadelphia to Knoxville, Tennessee

The Week Ahead: 9/5/10-9/11/10

Football season is upon us, and we are moving into that cool fall weather. Forecasts will get a bit more challenging.

Sunday: Road Trip from Midland Texas to Killeen, Texas
Monday: Forecast for Provo, Utah
Wednesday: Forecast from Madera, California to Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Friday: Forecast in Montgomery, Alabama

The Week Ahead: 8/29/10-9/04/10

We’re spending a lot of time this week in a lot of places not often investigated by us, thanks to our random scheduling mechanism.

Sunday – Santa Fe, New Mexico
Monday – Eugene, Oregon
Wednesday – Laredo, Texas; Road Trip from Rapid City, South Daota to Laredo
Thursday – Altoona, Pennsylvania
Saturday – Midland, Texas

The Week Ahead: 8/22/10-8/28/10

We’re staying east of the Rockies this week. I envision a lot of thunderstorms.

Sunday – Road Trip from Springfield, Illinois to Lubbock, Texas
Monday – Little Rock, Arkansas
Tuesday – Knoxville, Tennessee
Thursday – Syracuse, New York
Saturday – Des Moines, Iowa

The Week Ahead: 8/15/10-8/21/10

We are featuring a trio cities that begin with A this week. I guess that’s your “Sesame Street” moment. Also, it’s time for another look at the local blogs of a city, which is highlighted in orange on our map.The city is Sacramento, so if you know of any good weather blogs in Sac-to, let us know!

Sunday – Amarillo, Texas; Road Trip from Morgantown, West Virginia to Amarillo
Monday – Grand Forks, North Dakota
Tuesday – Road Trip from Grand Forks to Ames, Iowa
Wednesday – Anniston, Alabama; Road Trip from Ames to Anniston

The Week Ahead, 8/8/10 – 8/14/10

You will definitely notice a distinct cluster to our forecasts this week. It’s Southeast Week at The Weather Blog!

Sunday – Tallahassee, Floriday; Road Trip from Greenville, South Carolina to Tallahassee
Thursday – Jackson, Mississippi; Road Trip from Springfield, Missouri to Jackson
Friday – Chattanooga, Tennessee

The Week Ahead 8/1/10-8/7/10

Another busy week ahead of us to begin August. Wow, August already. Have you enjoyed summer like I have thus far?


Sunday – Bismarck, North Dakota, Road Trip from Fort Wayne, Indiana to Bismarck
Wednesday – Wenatchee, Washington
Thursday – Louisville, Kentucky
Friday – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Saturday – Greenville, South CArolina

The Week Ahead: 7/25/10-7/31/10

We’re looking ahead to a busy week with nation-wide coverage.

Sunday – Salt Lake City, Utah
Monday – Gainesville, Florida; Road Trip from Salt Lake City to Gainesville
Tuesday – Naples, Florida
Wednesday – Road Trip from Naples to Kingston, New York
Friday – Reno, Nevada
Saturday – Fort Wayne, Indiana