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The Week Ahead 1/9/11-1/15/11

We have a very busy week in store for ourselves. Hopefully we can work through this together so I don’t get too stressed. Or something. This Friday, we hope to do a blog round up for Dalton, Georgia, so let us know if you know anything that needs to be noted!

Sunday – Hickory, North Carolina
Monday – Elmira, New York
Tuesday – Sherman, Texas; Road Trip from Elmira to Sherman
Wednesday – Lima, Ohio; Road Trip from Sherman to Lima
Friday – Dalton, Georgia (Blog roundup!)
Saturday – Road Trip from Dalton to Cedar Rapids, Iowa

The Week Ahead 1/2/11-1/8/11

The last schedule of 2010 is the first for 2011. It’s going to feature forecasts for two clustered regions and a long January road trip that will certainly feature the word “cold”.

Monday – Road Trip from Sandusky, Ohio to Couer d’Alene, Idaho
Tuesday – Bowling Green, Kentucky
Thursday – Punta Gorda, Florida
Friday – Evansville, Indiana
Saturday – Tallahassee, Florida

The Week Ahead: 12/26/10-1/1/11

Holy crap, 2011. Unbelievable. No road trips this week, just a handful of forecasts to take us into the new year.

Monday – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Tuesday – Columbus, Indiana

Friday – Naples, Florida

Saturday – Wichita, Kansas

The week ahead 12/19/10-12/25/10

Ho Ho Ho! Christmas is next Saturday! What will we have for you weather lovers in the days leading up Christmas? Forecasts in the cities Anthony and I went to school!

Sunday – Altoona, Pennsylvania
Monday – Road trip from Altoona to Little Rock, Arkansas
Wednesday – Visalia, California
Thursday – Road Trip from Visalia to Lafayette, Indiana
Saturday – St. Cloud, Minnesota

The Week Ahead 12/12/10-12/18/10

We’re taking two trips to Ohio this week, including visiting an old friend, Columbus, Ohio.

Sunday – Road Trip from Williamsport, Pennsylvania to Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Wednesday – Columbus, Ohio
Thursday – Shreveport, Louisiana
Friday – Sandusky, Ohio
Saturday – Road Trip from Sandusky to Rome, Georgia

The Week Ahead: 12/5/10-12/11/10

Another week in the books as we progress towards the end of the year. Christmas will soon be upon us! Anyways, we have a southeast-heavy week, except for a cute little road trip. Off the Grid’s next installment will be on Wednesday!

Monday – Road trip from Johnstown, Pennsylvania to Cumberland, Maryland
Tuesday – Pensacola, Florida
Thursday – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Friday – Cleveland, Tennessee

The Week Ahead, 11/28/10 – 12/04/10

A very quiet week on the forecasting front, with only a couple forecasts and one very short road trip. Also, Friday is time for another blog roundup! Send me any Danville, Illinois area blogs so we can all check them out!

Tuesday – Honolulu, Hawai’i
Thursday – Columbus, Indiana
Friday – Road Trip from Columbus to Danville

The Week Ahead 11/21/10-11/27/10

We’ll have another edition of Off The Grid coming up later this afternoon, but I wanted to post the schedule for next week for those that are interested. Some You will note one very brief road trip, and another that is seemingly impossible.

Sunday – Road Trip from Chearleston, South Carolina to Terre Haute, Indiana
Tuesday – Manchester, New Hampshire
Wednesday – Battle Creek, Michigan
Thursday – Ann Arbor, Michigan; Road Trip from Battle Creek to Ann Arbor
Saturday – Road Trip Flight forecast from Dothan, Alabama to Honolulu, Hawaii.

The Week Ahead 11/14/10-11/20/10

So we’re into the middle of November, and we will be criss-crossing the country with a boatload of road trips.

Sunday – Road Trip from Lansing, Michigan to Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Tuesday – Bellingham, Washington
Wednesday – Road Trip from Bellingham to Lafayette, Indiana
Thursday – Road Trip from Lafayette to Reading, Pennsylavania
Saturday – Charleston, South Carolina; Road Trip from Rome, Georgia to Charleston

The Week Ahead 10/31/10-11/6/10

This is definitely a tentative schedule, taking us into November. I will be heading out of town for a few days on Tuesday, but a lot of the days will be spent on the road, and there isn’t a heck of a lot to do in a hotel in North Platte, so there will be posts from me. Just don’t be surprised if one of these days falls through the cracks on my end.

Sunday – Fayetteville, Arkansas
Monday – Blacksburg, Virginia
Wednesday – Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Thursday – Asheville, North Carolina
Friday – Bismarck, North Dakota