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Dry, high base storms for Greeley

It wasn’t exactly as expected for Greeley the past two days, but it was pretty darn close. Temperatures were in the 90s both Sunday and Monday, but there was a small surprise. Greeley reported a thunderstorm on Monday evening for about 20 minutes, though no precipitation was reported. It was just a rogue storm over the plains that kicked off a lightning strike which ended up close enough to the sensor that the thunderstorm was reported. It was inconsequential to the course of the day, as well as to the verification. Nobody had a storm in the forecast, so it came down to temperatures, where Victoria-Weather had the high score.
Actuals: Sunday – High 95, Low 53
Monday – Thunderstorm reported High 91, Low 51

Grade: C

Feature Foercast: Corpus Christi, Texas, Feature Forecaster: Matt Terhune

This week, Matt Terhune of KRIS-TV in Corpus Christi, Texas, has graciously agreed to join us for a Feature Forecast this Friday morning. First, let’s see let Mr. Terhune introduce himself.

I’m a Texan. Raised in Klein, TX, northwest Houston suburb. After Klein HS I went to Texas A&M in College Station as a Chemical Engineer student, but I decided I liked weather better and changed to meteorology. I graduated May 1999. I interned at KBTX in Bryan to learn the tv weather world and took class from an Aggie meteorologist that was on a station in Dallas too.
My first tv meteorologist job was in February before in graduated at KXXV-25 in Waco. I then lived in Waco less than 2 years.
March 2001 I moved to KRIS-6 in Corpus Christi. In general, bigger city, better pay :-). They’ve moved me around from morning/noon shift to weekends, to morning/noon, back to weekends.
You can find me on the website.

So that’s the scoop on KRIS-TV’s Matt Terhune. What’s the forecast for Corpus Christi this weekend?

I just see some isolated showers Saturday and scattered showers in Sunday. So little better chance on Sunday.
Saturday, low 74 with a high of 88
Sunday, low of 72 with a high of 87

A special thanks to Matt Terhune for joining us this morning. Check him out on KRIS-TV weekends in Corpus Christi!

Feature Forecast: Wheeling, West Virginia, Feature Forecaster: Brian Davis

We are happy to have WTRF meteorologist Brian Davis joining us here at Victoria-Weather today. Let’s find out more about Brian and see what the forecast is for Wheeling!

Greetings everyone, Let me introduce myself: I am Brian Davis, meteorologist at WTRF-TV in the Wheeling WV market. Before coming to a more quiet weather region, I worked in Joplin Missouri where and was there during the EF-5 monster tornado. It was a sad time there, but I learned more about these devastating tornadoes. After my years of radio broadcasting I worked hard to gain the NWA and AMS seals of approval in radio weather broadcasting. My school ventures include the University of Tennessee At Martin where I received a bachelors degree focused in geology, operational meteorology, and natural disaters. I also graduated with advanced standing from Mississippi State University’s broadcast meteorology program. I still continue this weather love affair by taking advanced graduate courses in operational meteorology at MSU. My family accuses me of being a life long addicted student in meteorology. Becoming a broadcast meteorologist was tough as nails, but it was a dream come true.

Enough about this guy! Let’s talk weekend weather!

The Dog Days of Summer have brought well below normal temperatures over the Ohio Valley over the last few days. This has been enough to change some of our trees into a fall looking scene. Meanwhile, big storms have rolled over the great plains while the southeast has seen it’s share of flooding rains. Other parts of the lower 48 seem to be fairly quiet in the world of weather.

High pressure and a series of Canadian cold fronts have controlled Ohio Valley weather for several days now, but a warmup is on the way for our weekend. Warmer weather will return as a large high allows for plenty of sunshine and moderating temperatures. A couple of pleasant and mostly sunny days can be expected as our regional temperatures will return to the normal 80s for highs and 60s for lows. Here is a look at what can be expected in the Pittsburgh PA and nearby Wheeling WV general areas. Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday Weather Blog

Courtesy of Brian Davis and WTRF-TV.

** Feel free to catch Brian’s morning forecasts on WTRF.COM. If passing through the Pittsburgh PA/ Wheeling Area, you can catch his forecasts on WKKX AM 1600, Biggie 100.5 FM, and Cool 105 FM. Brian has a blog site at and is on Facebook under WTRF Meteorologist Brian


Feature Forecast: Eastern Iowa; Feature Forecaster: Jennifer Hildreth

We are fortunate enough to have a guest to take us into the weekend! Jennifer Hildreth from KGAN, the CBS outlet in Cedar Rapids. So I don’t steal any of her thunder, I will let her take things away!

Hi, I am Jennifer Hildreth. As a kid, I became hooked on weather after a tornado ripped through my hometown in the middle of the night, with no warning. Okay, not sure if I would call it hooked exactly….probably more like terrified. Either way, I eventually took an interest in learning as much as I could about tornadoes and the weather. However, it took a while for me to figure out that I wanted to make weather my career. I started college at the University of Northern Iowa majoring in Elementary Education. After a year, I decided that it was not the career path I wanted to follow. So I switched gears and changed schools. In 2003, I graduated from Iowa State University with a BS in Meteorology.

I am currently a weekend meteorologist and feature reporter at KGAN & KFXA, the CBS & FOX affiliate in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  I have only worked here for about 7 months. Before that, I spent 5 years as the weekend meteorologist at KWWL (NBC affiliate) in Waterloo, Iowa.  Both stations cover most of eastern Iowa.  Since I am originally from Waverly, Iowa, it is nice getting to work and forecast for the area where I was born and raised.

Okay enough about me, let’s get to the forecast.

An area of high pressure will move southeast into the Midwest for the weekend.  This means dry, but cooler weather in eastern Iowa this weekend.  Below is a picture of the surface map for Saturday morning.

Since the area of high pressure will be almost directly overhead on Saturday, we will see mostly sunny skies and light northerly winds. But even with the sunshine, temperatures will only warm into the upper 40s by Saturday afternoon.  A weak disturbance will move through Minnesota on Saturday night into Sunday. This will bring light rain chances to central Minnesota, but we will remain dry with only a few clouds here in eastern Iowa. The clouds will help to keep us slightly warmer Saturday night, but they will also keep us chilly on Sunday.  Below is a look at the weekend forecast for eastern Iowa.

If you would like to follow Jennifer on Facebook, her Facebook page is:


You can find more information about Jennifer on the KGAN/KFXW website:

Or feel free to email her at:

Feature Forecast: Greenville, North Carolina, Feature Forecaster: Les Still

Now this is a real treat. Les Still from WCTI 12 in New Bern, North Carolina is our guest forecast for today’s Feature Forecaster. He decided to go ahead and cut a video for us. I have nothing else to add, so I will let Mr. Still take it away!

You can find Les Still at WCTI in New Bern. More about him here. The WCTI Facebook page is found here, While Les’s is here. Thank you again to Les Still!

Feature Forecast: Burlington, Vermont, Feature Forecaster: Steve Glazier

Steve Glazier was kind enough to provide us with a feature forecast today. His words are found below!

I am Steve Glazier, a meteorologist and reporter at WFFF-WVNY in Burlington, Vermont. I work at a Fox and ABC affiliate that covers the Adirondack Region of northern New York, all of Vermont, and northwestern New Hampshire. I have worked here for nearly a year and a half. Prior to that, I worked as a meteorologist and reporter at an ABC affiliate in Winchester, Virginia for two years. In 2008 I graduated from Lyndon State College with a BS in Meteorology-Broadcasting and AS in Television News. I am originally from Stafford, CT and am 25 years old.

Okay enough about me, let’s get to the weather. So this November has been ridiculously warm across Vermont and its adjacent neighboring states. In the first half of the month, our temperatures have been about 6 degrees above average for highs, and about +3 F at night. Today is an exception, we’re struggling to get to 40F on a cool, breezy, fall-like day. However that’s going to change once again.

High pressure will be building in from our southwest this weekend. It will keep us dry through Sunday and warm air advection will begin on Saturday. Here in VT, the warm, lighter air takes a while to mix to the surface because of the very hilly terrain. So temperatures won’t jump immediately, but will get into the upper 40s Saturday with a partly cloudy sky. In Vermont’s higher terrain, highs will likely be 40-45. Winds will increase this weekend with a tightening pressure gradient. Burlington is located in the Champlain Valley, a south-north oriented valley. In these scenarios, the wind typically gusts and is sustained higher than sheltered mountainous areas east of the city. So wind gusts could reach to 30 or 35 mph this weekend.

The windy conditions will keep our temperatures warmer than usual at night, keeping the air mixed. Warm air advection pushes into Sunday with highs jumping to the mid 50s. There will be an advancing and digging trough of low pressure. This will pass by, but with limited moisture in our region so slight chance of rain showers is possible. I’ve attached an 850 mb temp and wind map because that’s the most relevant feature for us this weekend.

If you would like to find out a little bit more about Mr. Glazier at his Bio page, under the About Us section at

He tweets, too! And you can find his Twitter page @Steveglazier

Thanks again to Steve Glazier!

Feature Forecast: Danville, Virginia, Feature Forecaster: Robin Reed

Today we are happy to have Robin Reed, from WDBJ in Roanoke to help us out with the forecast. He is the station’s chief meteorologist and was kind enough to join us despite some rough weather in his area today. His bio and forecast are found below!

Robin has been chief meteorologist at WDBJ since March of 1982.  His path to meteorology began with a passion for baseball but a major league career was not to be.  Sports reporting was the logical extension but when the opportunity to present weather came along, Robin knew he had found a career.  His degree from James Madison University did not include meteorology so he began an extended period of distance learning, including stints at Penn State, Ball State, Mississippi State, Portland State, Lyndon State and the USDA Graduate School.

Viewers are often impressed by Robin’s professional on-air presentation, but what they don’t always see is his dedication to area education issues. Robin is often on the road speaking to children about weather and environmental issues. He talks up math and science education everywhere he goes and has become one of the most sought-after speakers in our area.

Outside of WDBJ 7, he’s active in the American Meteorological Society most recently helping develop the continuing education requirements for AMS broadcasters.  He holds the Certified Broadcast Meteorologist designation

Danville Weekend Forecast

It’s a classic July heat wave with temperatures well into the 90s but no records will be broken.

Saturday: Mostly sunny hot and humid.  High 98. The chance of rain is 30% mainly in the form of afternoon storms.

Saturday Night: Partly cloudy, with a low around 74

Sunday:. Mostly sunny and hot, with a high near 96.


Thank you very much to Mr. Robin Reed! You can catch him at WDBJ in southwestern Virginia for more of his expert analysis!

Feature Forecast: Memphis, Tennessee, Feature Forecaster: David Still

Once again, we are fortunate enough to have another luminary from the meteorology world join us today. This time, it’s David Still from ABC24 in Memphis that has graced us with his presence. Without further interruption, here is what Mr. Still had to say about himself, and his forecast for Memphis!

Ever since Hurricane Hugo ripped through my hometown of Charlotte, NC when I was a kid I was pretty much hooked on the weather. It took a while for me to finally figure out exactly what I wanted to do so it took an extra round of school. I have a meteorology Post-Baccalaureate degree from the University of North Carolina at Asheville and a degree from Appalachian State University. Although I love the mountains if I could live anywhere it would definitely be on the coast of North or South Carolina. When I’m not at work I hit the gym pretty religiously. Depending on the season I like to fish and hunt. Lately, I’ve been trying to figure out if I have a green thumb.

And now on to the forecast:

Friday Night: We’ll look for mostly cloudy skies as a weak system from the Northern Plains scoots through Missouri. Luckily we stay dry and not as cold, low 25.

Saturday: Expect decreasing clouds during the day Saturday. A weak southerly flow becomes established across the Midsouth for the weekend helping the cold situation to an extent. Area snowmen will melt a bit during in the afternoon, but staying pretty chilly, partly sunny, high 42.

Saturday night: Partly cloudy skies combined with a light south wind keep the mercury closer to what we expect for late January, low 30.

Sunday: Clouds roll back into the Midsouth in advance of our next potential winter weather maker. Mostly cloudy, high 43.

Old Man Winter remains grumpy…the rest of next week will stay pretty cold and active. The good news for us!…he will focus his efforts more into Middle Tennessee, areas south towards Georgia, and east into the Carolinas by Wednesday.

Thank you Mr. David Still once again for adding your input here at Victoria-Weather. Again, you can see him weekday mornings and and during the midday news on ABC24 in Memphis.

Feature Forecast: Evansville, Indiana; Feature Forecaster: Jeff Lyons

What with Columbus, Indiana not having any full 24 hour data to do a proper verification, we have moved further downstate for the final post of the year. Jeff Lyons of WFIE in Evansville was good enough to drop us a line this afternoon. His introduction and forecast can be seen below:

I am a native of Evansville and have been the Chief Meteorologist at WFIE for 22 years. I have been a broadcast meteorologist for 25 years, and also briefly worked in Terre Haute after I graduated from Indiana University. The Evansville Tri-State area encompasses Southern Illinois, Western Kentucky and Southwest Indiana. We reach about 200,000 viewers.
Here is my forecast for the New Years Weekend for Evansville, Indiana

Saturday: Early rain then clearing with temperatures falling from the lower 40s into the mid 30s by the afternoon.

Sat. Night: Clearing and colder with a low of 21.

Sunday: A mix of sun and clouds with a high of 36.

Thank you so much to Jeff Lyons from WFIE! And thank you, readers, who have been with us all year long. Stay with us through 2011!

Sacramento Weather Blog Roundup

It’s time for a weather blog round up! We’re going to look at Sacramento today and see what weather enthusiasts can find to read from California’s state capital.

The Weather blog from CBS 13 is a video blog that is rather infrequently updated (weekly, they claim, though it hasn’t been updated yet this week). Seeing as there isn’t much weather in Sacramento, they bid adieu to an intern in the latest post.

This isn’t exactly Sacramento, but it is Northern California. It’s called the Northern California Weather Blog and details the weather discussion for their area every day.