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Malta is a tiny island nation in the Mediterranean Sea of only 121 square miles, about 50 miles south of the much larger island of Sicily. Malta experiences a Mediterranean climate, for obvious reasons, but is slightly more tropical in nature being how far south it’s located. High temperatures don’t swing too wildly from summer to winter here, with average highs in the mid 80s for summer and around 60 for winter. In fact, only once (2/1/1962) has frost been reported! The winter months are also the wet season for Malta, as 80% of the annual precipitation falls from October to March, making for mostly sunny and dry summer months. No wonder tourism is one of the top industries for this tiny island!

The meteorological body for Malta is based at the Malta Airport and have a fairly easy website to navigate and find data on. Including surface analysis, current observations, 5-day forecast, and some other charts and images, it’s pretty easy to find what you need to on there. Hopefully their radar gets up and running soon, that would be pretty fun to see looping images for them!

Atlanta, Georgia to Deltona, Florida

Just a short road trip for us today, about 435 miles over neighboring states. However, it’s going to be ripe with interesting weather. Mother Nature is making sure it’s no picnic of a trip into the Sunshine State!

As we start our day off, the main area of low pressure is shifting through IL towards the Southern Great Lakes. A strong cold front trailing the low has been pushing eastward over the last couple of days and has been pumping copious amounts of moisture out ahead of it. While the front itself won’t make it to our route southward, plenty of showers and thunderstorms will spread over GA throughout the late morning and early afternoon hours. By early afternoon, we’ll have made our way across the FL state line and passing by Jacksonville, so most of the activity by now affecting us will just be some scattered showers and perhaps an isolated thunderstorm. This will be the case for the remainder of the trip down the east side of the FL Peninsula as we continue into Deltona. The heavier rains and stronger thunderstorms won’t make it down that far until the overnight hours into early Thursday morning, but hopefully we should be asleep as they roll through.

Durham, North Carolina

North Carolina! Tobacco Road! Hurricane Alley! Well, it was one while I lived there for 2.5 years anyways. Will the recent severe weather hammering the Southeast be on tap once again, or will quiet weather be taking hold?

At 5:56PM EST, the temperature in Durham, NC was 58 degrees under fair skies. High pressure currently over the Great Lakes will continue to scoot eastward, taking control of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states for Thursday. This means more sunny skies for the Tar Heel State (big surprise). However, an intensifying system over the MS River Valley on Friday will quickly push this area of high pressure out to sea as it makes its way towards the East Coast. Southeastern flow will make things a lil warmer on Friday, but clouds will be on the increase as the front progresses towards NC. A couple light showers might spring up over the Smoky Mountains late on Friday, but shouldn’t be of any concern to our friends in the Plateau region of the state. Once again, seems like a quiet couple of days for my forecast, but beware, the weekend has rain written all over it.

Thursday: Sunny. High 53, Low 32.
Friday: Increasing clouds. High 59, Low 30.

TWC: Thursday: Sunny. High 55, Low 33.
Friday: Partly cloudy. High 60, Low 29.

AW: Thursday: Mostly sunny, cooler than today. High 53, Low 33.
Friday: Mostly cloudy. High 57, Low 29.

NWS: Thursday: Sunny. High 51, Low 31.
Friday: Partly sunny. High 57, Low 28.

WB: Thursday: Sunny. High 54, Low 35.
Friday: Partly sunny. High 57, Low 32.

Clear skies over NC right now, with some of those high clouds moving in tomorrow. However, things will progress downhill as we move into Saturday and Sunday with that strong system moving in.

Spring-like Storm Taking on Eastern US

Last week I mentioned that people seemed to be forgetting that it was still February and winter weather is still very much attacking portions of the country. Well, February is starting to draw to a close, but the season’s first severe outbreak has been wreaking havoc over the Lower Mississippi Valley into the OH and TN Valleys. Several tornado warnings have been issued over TN/MS and into AL, but mostly wind damage has been reported with perhaps a couple of leads on possible tornadoes. All of these severe thunderstorms have essentially verified the SPC’s Moderate Risk it issued for the region yesterday and kept going through today.

However, Old Man Winter didn’t want to give up totally on this system. The northwestern side of the storm is causing quite a ruckus from Central KS through IL into southern MI and northern OH and onwards into NY and northern New England. By tomorrow evening, a swath from Cleveland to Ithaca to portions of Maine could see 8-12″ of fresh powder. From severe thunderstorms to near white-out conditions, this system is bringing a little bit of both seasons to the Eastern US!

Elmira, NY to Pittsburgh, PA

More of a day trip than a road trip, only 271 miles separate these 2 Northeastern cities. It will be a scenic trip, but will Mother Nature allow the sun to shine through? Let’s take a gander!

We start off the day heading southward into Central PA with just some high overcast clouds. Overnight tonight into Tuesday morning, a swath of heavy snow will shift out of Central and Southern PA off towards the east, part of the same system that’s dumped impressive snow totals over the Northern Plains. Clouds will thicken for us the further we venture into Central PA, however most of the snowfall should be absent with our system’s departure. A few flurries are never out of the equation as long as it stays overcast, but hopefully the roads will have been plowed and cleared for our driving ease. As we turn westward from Altoona to Pittsburgh, low overcast clouds will persist though the day, but outside of a few spotty flurries, we shouldn’t have any significant troubles for the remainder of our trip.

Attack of the Blogs, Wichita Style!

Everybody loves to blog these days, and today, we’re hunting down what the blogosphere has in store for one of Tornado Alley’s favorite cities, Wichita, Kansas!

Stan Finger of the Wichita Eagle has been following the weather for quite some time, and now we get to enjoy all of the meteorological happenings of the area. The most recent entry about record low and high temperatures in the same week is very eye-opening!

Rodney Price and Ross Janssen of KWCH-12 (CBS) each have a weather blog, and we have our first apparent weather mascot, Millie the Weather Dog! Looks like the adorable pooch has been spreading weather knowledge to local school children lately.

Not exactly a blog, but KSN-TV has a oft-updated Twitter handle regarding the latest weather and forecasts for the Wichita area. Handy for us Twitter Weather Trackers on the go!

FYI: It’s Still February

High’s in the 70’s for St. Louis. Snowpack here in Minneapolis dropping 8″ in 3-4 days. Even that famous groundhog said spring was coming early. The way people have been acting around the country the last week seems to have proven one thing, they’ve totally forgotten what the calender on their cubicle wall still says… FEBRUARY. A large trough is digging into the Western US, pumping a ton of rain and mountain snows over the Golden State and sweep its way through the Intermountain West. What this means for all of the people sick of winter around the Twin Cities and other portions of the Upper Midwest? A possible 6-12″ snowstorm from here through the Great Lakes to portions of New England, along with significantly colder temperatures behind it, albeit only for a day or two. Just enough to remind people that it’s still winter, regardless of what giant, shadow-fearing rodents say.

Side note: Last Thursday, Nowata, OK hit an all-time state record for low temperature, plummeting to -31. Yesterday, they topped out at 82 degrees. That’s a 113 degree swing in one week. Now THAT’S impressive.

Chattanooga, Tennessee

As we’ve alluded to before, I always seem to wind up with forecasts with nothing but high pressure overhead. Well, this forecast is no different… except there’s a CHANCE of rain possible! A chance! My streak is over! The impending calamity will lead to food shortages all over the city! Okay, I’m over-exaggerating slightly. Let’s get into what really is going on with our forecast.

At 1253PM EST, the temperature at Chattanooga, TN was 58 degrees under mostly cloudy skies. High pressure is controlling the entire Eastern Seaboard (big surprise), but with a strong low pressure system pushing out of the Rockies into the Central US on Thursday, the high pressure will shift off over the Atlantic. Partly cloudy skies are expected on Thursday as the flow starts to turn around from the south once again. Our intensifying storm system over the Central US will continue to push east past the MS River Valley Friday morning, making its way to the Appalachians by midday. Most of the shower activity will be farther north, but a few light showers are expected along the tail end of the system as the front pushes up and over the mountains. If anything, it’ll be a cloudy afternoon, but temperatures will still be quite pleasant over the region.

Thursday: Partly cloudy. High 69, Low 45.
Friday: Increasing clouds, isolated shower late. High 68, Low 46.

TWC: Thursday: Partly cloudy. High 66, Low 44.
Friday: Partly cloudy. High 68, Low 48.

AW: Thursday: Partly sunny and mild. High 68, Low 42.
Friday: Mostly cloudy, slight chance of shower. High 68, Low 44.

NWS: Thursday: Mostly sunny. High 69, Low 43.
Friday: Partly sunny. High 70, Low 46.

WB: Thursday: Mostly sunny. High 69, Low 43.
Friday: Partly sunny, isolated chance of evening shower. High 70, Low 47.

Here we see some high clouds streaming into the area off to the northwest. Tomorrow should be on the quiet side with these high clouds shifting into the area, but continued dry.

Coastal Clouds Corrupt

As long as it doesn’t rain, people in SoCal are generally pretty easy to please, however, a cloudy day at the beach is never as good as a sunny one. Ryan mentioned in his San Diego forecast that as long as clouds don’t muck things up, it’s a fairly harmless forecast. Sadly, mostly cloudy skies stuck around both mornings, keeping the temperatures a few degrees higher than expected. Everybody was pretty much in line with the high temperatures, but Weatherbug’s low temperatures brought home the top forecast.

Monday: High 66, Low 52.
Tuesday: High 68, Low 52.
Forecast grade: A

Little Rock, AR to Syracuse, NY

Well, after a string of forecasts that all involved a bigger threat of a January sunburn than any type of precipitation, a three-day road trip could involve all kinds of threats right? Well, at least we should get a little bit of winter weather on this 1,197 mile voyage!


We embark on our journey heading out of Little Rock, traveling east towards Memphis. High pressure over the MS River Valley will shift east today, keeping us under fairly calm weather throughout the duration of today’s leg. A decent swath of snow hit the Ohio Valley yesterday and today, so a low deck of clouds may continue to stick around as we cruise through Nashville and Bowling Green in the wake of that system. The quiet day continues as we roll into Louisville, our stop for Night One


While high pressure continues to influence the Ohio Valley, a bit of a stationary front is setting up from the Mid-Atlantic to the Southern Plains as a system dropping southward from WY to OK yesterday made us thankful we left when we did (MORE snow for OK and AR!!). There’s a slight chance we might see a few flurries at the onset of our day, heading northwards for Cincy and onwards to Columbus. For the most part, we should avoid those as they stay off to the south with the suspect system in the Southern Plains. The weather will get a bit more ominous, however, as we bypass Cleveland en route for Erie, PA, our stop for Night Two. Gusty winds are expected as we get closer to the lake, and with them coming predominately from the west, there’s a good chance of some lake effect snows hitting the final part of our trip in northeast Ohio and into PA.


Only a relatively short day today, covering the 235 miles from Erie to our destination in New York. However, with winds possible shifting from the west-southwest, this leads to a strong chance of lake effect snows piling up as we make our way from Erie to Buffalo and head eastwards from there. Hopefully it doesn’t pile up TOO much, as some of these bands are well-known for dropping prolific snowfalls, sometimes to the tune of 2-3″ an hour for several hours. As we move east from Buffalo to Syracuse, only some light snows are expected with mainly cloudy skies to our destination.