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Pocatello, Idaho

Off to the Northern Rockies to see how the start of this week will fare!

At 815pm MDT, the temperature at Pocatello, ID was 67 degrees (that sensor seems a bit off). An area of low pressure found over WY is connected to a cold front that runs up into Central Canada and trails a boundary over northern UT/NV. This area of low pressure will shift out towards the Northern Plains during the day Monday, keeping a healthy amount of precip over Southern MT (with some hefty snow totals up in the mountains) and rain/spotty thunderstorm activity over south-central ID tonight. This activity will continue pushing eastward with the low overnight, bringing some precip to the Pocatello area before dawn. After sunrise, the precip should have shifted off to the east of the Pocatello area, drying them out for the rest of the day with decreasing clouds. High pressure builds down over the region behind the low, making for a pretty nice midweek period.

Monday: Some early morning rain shower/isolated thunderstorm activity. Drying out by dawn with decreasing clouds during afternoon. High 55, Low 38.
Tuesday: Sunny and warmer. High 63, Low 30.

TWC: Monday: Rain in early morning hours, then becoming mostly sunny. High 57, Low 41.
Tuesday: Mostly sunny. High 64, Low 32.

AW: Monday: Breezy with clouds and sun, an isolated morning thundershower possible. High 57, Low 42.
Tuesday: Mostly sunny. High 65, Low 32.

NWS: Monday: Chance of showers, thunderstorm possible after noon. High 57, Low 44.
Tuesday: Sunny. High 64, Low 35.

WB: Monday: Chance of morning storms. High 54, Low 44.
Tuesday: Sunny. High 62, Low 32.

WN: Monday: Partly cloudy with scattered showers. High 57, Low 44.
Tuesday: Sunny. High 64, Low 35.

FIO: Monday: Rain until morning, then clearing. High 57, Low 42.
Tuesday: Partly cloudy until evening. High 64, Low 36.

There’s a bunch of ground clutter around the Pocatello area, but the echoes found off near Twin Falls and Jackpot are indeed real. This spotty activity will affect the region into midday tomorrow before making way to pleasant conditions the next few days.

Nashville, Tennessee to Charleston, West Virginia

Today we travel between state capitals that are almost exactly the same distance from Frankfort, KY (another state captial) as one another. That’s right, Nashville and Charleston are both pretty much right at ~180 miles away as the crow flies from the capital of Kentucky. Fun fact right? Today’s one-day trip won’t go through Frankfort, but will spend plenty of time in the Bluegrass State.

It’s a fairly dry but chilly start to the day as we head northwards out of Nashville on I-65 towards Bowling Green. There might be a few spotty rain showers as we hit Elizabethtown and head eastwards on I-64, but shouldn’t be anything to be really worried about hazard-wise. As we cruise past Lexington around noon, showers should be mostly dried up and the rest of the day will be cloudy but dry as we head into Charleston.

Charleston, West Virginia

As the Upper Midwest continues to get buried under this historic April snowstorm, let’s take a peak at how the Mid-Atlantic is faring.

At 1154pm, the temperature at Charleston, WV was 49 degrees with light rain falling. Even as this potent low pressure system that’s sitting over Lake Huron and Erie continues to dump snow over the Upper Midwest, the intense cold front associated with it is pushing through the Mid-Atlantic region into the Northeast US. The back end of heavier rain showers are pushing out of the area currently, but scattered rain showers are expected to last throughout the overnight and the daytime hours tomorrow as northwest winds keep some upslope activity popping in the region. Temperatures are expected to drop throughout the day and by early Tuesday morning, could be cold enough for a brief snow shower to mix into the activity. Conditions should clear out by midday, precip-wise anyways, and make for a dry midweek period.

Monday: Lingering morning showers, flares back up in afternoon. High 49, Low 37.
Tuesday: Isolated morning rain/snow shower, then drying out for afternoon. High 52, Low 32.

TWC: Monday: Showers. High 43, Low 36.
Tuesday: Isolated showers, then cloudy. High 52, Low 33.

AW: Monday: Windy with rain, mainly early. High 51, Low 37.
Tuesday: Mostly sunny. High 51, Low 33.

NWS: Monday: Chance of showers. High 44, Low 36.
Tuesday: Slight chance of rain/snow showers. High 49, Low 33.

Tuesday: SITE DOWN

WN: Monday: Cloudy with chance of light showers. High 53, Low 36.
Tuesday: Partly cloudy with chance of light wintry mix. High 49, Low 33.

FIO: Monday: Rain overnight. High 49, Low 34.
Tuesday: Mostly cloudy throughout the day. High 55, Low 32.

Weatherbug really needs to get their act together, right? Rain is shifting slowly eastward out of the region, but some lingering light shower activity remains into the early morning hours.

Seattle, Washington

Well, currently at VW HQ, winds are gusting to nearly 40mph and the snow is falling hard. And tomorrow is gonna be even worse, with somewhere around a foot of snow possible. Let’s go visit somewhere where they’re probably NOT going to get a foot of snow, shall we?

At 853pm PDT, the temperature at Seattle-Tacoma Intl Airport, WA was 49 degrees under overcast skies. Okay, well, at least they’re not getting snow, but it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows over the next couple of days in the Emerald City. A cold front is slowly working its way through the Pacific Northwest, spreading scattered showers throughout the region and especially up in the mountains. This system isn’t moving particularly fast. In fact, another impulse is expected to ride along the front Saturday night into Sunday morning, bringing a bit of heavier rain shower activity to the SeaTac region. The main part of the system looks to push onshore over OR/N CA Sunday evening, and while the bulk of heavy rain will stay to the south, scattered showers will linger throughout the day Sunday over the area. Much of the Pacific Northwest looks to remain gloomy into the start of next week as a large upper low sits over the region.

Saturday: Rain showers likely. High 54, Low 46.
Sunday: Rain showers continue. High 53, Low 43.

TWC: Saturday: Rain. High 51, Low 45.
Sunday: Showers. High 52, Low 42.

AW: Saturday: Periods of rain. High 53, Low 47.
Sunday: Cloudy with a little rain. High 52, Low 44.

NWS: Saturday: Rain and breezy. High 53, Low 46.
Sunday: Rain likely. High 52, Low 43.

WB: Saturday: SITE DOWN.
Sunday: SITE DOWN.

WN: Saturday: Mostly cloudy with rain. High 53, Low 45.
Sunday: Mostly cloudy with light rain likely. High 52, Low 43.

FIO: Saturday: Rain overnight and in the morning. High 50, Low 45.
Sunday: Overcast through the day, some late evening showers. High 48, Low 41.

Here we see plentiful rains moving through the region tonight. They’re mainly found over higher elevations of the Olympia Peninsula and the Cascades, but plenty of them will find their way into the lower elevations around the Seattle metro area throughout the weekend.

Spring Storm On Horizon

Last week I wrote a post about a strong spring system that simultaneously dropped several inches of snow across the Upper Midwest while further off to the south, a severe outbreak swung from the Mid-MS River Valley into the Ohio Valley. A similar setup is shaping up for this weekend, with the chance for even more prolific snowfall totals.

An strong cold front is set to push over the West Coast during the day Wednesday bringing plenty of rain to the Pacific northwest down to the Sierra’s as well as high elevation snow. As the system works into the Great Basin, a new area of low pressure looks to develop and push through the Central Rockies while it intensifies, which is also expected to bring high winds to the Intermountain West. As the low pressure pushes out over the Central Plains on Friday, it will tap into plenty of Gulf moisture for it to transport northwards. This looks like another heavy snow setup for the Dakotas into the Upper Midwest while the MS River Valley gets targeted for some severe weather. While the models are still a bit too far out to get an accurate idea of just how much snow the north will get, it looks like SOMEwhere is going to get hit with a bulls-eye of 12-18″. Where will it land? Stay tuned!

Memphis, Tennessee

As snow showers plague much of the northern US, we head down to the lovely city of Memphis to see what kind of weather they’ll be greeted with to start the weekend. It’s gotta be warmer than up here!

At 1054pm CDT, the temperature at Memphis, TN was 54 degrees under mostly cloudy skies. A weak disturbance is kicking up some rain showers and spotty thunderstorms already over eastern Arkansas which looks like they’ll drift over the Memphis area in the pre-dawn hours Friday. By daybreak this activity should dissipate and shift off to the east, however, as an area of low-pressure develops over the Red River Valley, it’ll set up a warm front over eastern OK into western AR, sparking a wide area of showers and thunderstorms ahead of it. Best chance of seeing this activity roll through will be in the late-afternoon and evening hours before activity starts to push south of the area late-evening. Some light showers look to linger in the area through midnight but then dies out early Saturday morning. Clouds remain throughout the day until a nose of high pressure pushes into the region in the afternoon, clearing out the remaining clouds and making for a very nice rest of the weekend.

Friday: Scattered rain showers and possible thunderstorms. High 61, Low 45.
Saturday: Few isolated pre-dawn showers, clouds decreasing through the day. High 48, Low 37.

TWC: Friday: Rain. High 58, Low 47.
Saturday: Morning clouds, afternoon sun. High 50, Low 33.

AW: Friday: Heavy rain and a thunderstorm. High 60, Low 47.
Saturday: Breezy with clouds breaking, spotty morning showers. High 50, Low 35.

NWS: Friday: Showers likely then showers (huh?). High 60, Low 44.
Saturday: Slight chance of showers. High 49, Low 36.

WB: Friday: Thunderstorms. High 57, Low 47.
Saturday: Some early morning showers, then mostly sunny. High 47, Low 37.

WN: Friday: Cloudy with showers. High 60, Low 44.
Saturday: Partly cloudy with isolated showers. High 49, Low 36.

FIO: Friday: Rain overnight and in the morning and breezy starting in the evening. High 56, Low 46.
Saturday: Isolated morning shower, breezy until morning and mostly cloudy until evening. High 47, Low 33.

Some shower activity is already developing over Eastern Arkansas and looks to continue expanding eastward during the early morning hours Friday. Better bring your umbrella cause it’s gonna be a soggy day.

Snowy and Severe Spring Startup

We’re a full fortnight into Spring now and people are itching to get outside and start doing fun outdoor things. Mother Nature, however, especially for us in the Upper Midwest, refuses to let us escape Winter’s frigid grip. A strong low-pressure system working through the Central US over the last 24 hours has brought a swath of snow from the Dakotas through MN into WI and continues eastward through the Great Lakes. Areas around the Twin Cities got 6-10″ today and continues to pile up in WI. Meanwhile, on the warm side of this system, strong to severe thunderstorms rumbled their way from Indiana/Ohio all the way down to coastal TX. Strong winds accompanied severe storms from Columbus, OH down to Eastern TX into MS, and while that was the most widespread severe effect from this sytem, over 110 reports of large hail were also reported.

Storms like this aren’t rare for early Spring however. On this date in 1974, a similar but stronger low pressure system was making its way through the Central US. Over the Upper Midwest, a swath of snow fell across MN and WI accumulating up to 6-12″ (7.3″ specifically in the Twin Cities). What this system is more well-known for, however, is the widespread tornado outbreak that hit the Midwest down to the Deep South. 148 tornadoes happened over a 24-hour span in what became known as the Super Outbreak, the largest tornado outbreak on record in the US. This would remain the US record until the 2011 Outbreak which more than doubled that number! Luckily, no historic tornado outbreak will develop from this system, but we do have to be wary of all kinds of inclement weather this time of year!

Lima, Ohio to Great Falls, Montana

Today we embark on a lengthy 3-day trip, which covers 1,681 miles from Ohio to Montana. Got a long weekend drive ahead of us, so we don’t have a minute to waste!


A system is pushing its’ way out of the Eastern Great Lakes, with the backend of the system still kicking up a few showers over Western OH. The windshield will be wet as we head northwest towards Ft. Wayne, but with high pressure moving into the Midwest, some sun should peek out during the day. As we push through Chicago midday, we should have partly cloudy skies and overall pleasant conditions. We head up along I-90 towards Rockford then north into Wisconsin, following I-90 past Madison and the Wisconsin Dells before finishing the day in La Crosse.


Today is going to be a long day, but it’s all westward on I-90! An area of low pressure is swinging through the Northern Plains during the night last night and we could see some light snow on our car as we head out in the morning. A rain/snow mix is expected as we start the day, which then changes over to some light snow, but only briefly. We shouldn’t have many road issues since it was rain as it moved through the rest of Southern MN overnight. A slightly faster route would have been to head up I-94 into ND, but with this storm expected to bring 6-12″ right along I-94 throughout ND, I-90 is the much safer play. Clouds will dissipate throughout the day as the cold front pushes off to the east and our main weather issue of the day will be gusty northwest winds coming in behind the front. That’ll probably sap our gas mileage, but otherwise, a fairly uneventful day as we cruise on by Sioux Falls and all the west westward to Rapid City, where we end the day. Thankfully the speed limit is 80 in SD!


A bit of energy kicking up snow is found over Nebraska as we start our final day of the trip, but some snow showers could sneak into Rapid City as we start the day. This activity will continue pushing towards the south, which means its impact on us will be minimal as the main axis of high pressure is found over Eastern Montana into the Central Dakotas. Even though the morning and midday hours should be okay, an area of low pressure is pushing through the Pacific Northwest today, and looks like it’ll start producing snow in the lee of the Rockies once we get to the late afternoon hours. We should be okay to make it northwestward to Hwy 87 then continue westward, but the last 50-100 miles could be a bit of slow-going as the snow showers get going as we make our way into Great Falls.

Birthday Week Rains

Tomorrow is my birthday! Luckily for me, the next couple of days look to get quiet up here in the Upper Midwest, with temperatures pushing towards 50 in the next couple of days. Beautiful days indeed! However, from the Southern Plains to the Ohio Valley and Deep South, the next few days are going to be anything but beautiful. A slow-moving frontal system draped from the Mid-MS River Valley down into the Southern Plains will be the focus of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow, and with training cells quite possible, some areas look to get 2-5″ from southern Illinois to north Texas. Wednesday is going to be more of the same, just shifted eastward slightly over KY/TN back into northeast Texas. Thursday continues the deluge as it shifts into east Texas to the Southern Appalachians. Overall, a swath of 4-6″ of rain is possible from Eastern Oklahoma/North Central Texas eastward to southern Kentucky/Tennessee. I guess that whole thing about April Showers is starting a smidge too early.

Greeley, Colorado

While the Northeast and New England continues to get pounded by nor’easter after nor’easter, things have been relatively quiet here in the Central US. Will that pattern continue or will things shake up a bit as we head into St. Patrick’s Day?

At 956pm MDT, the temperature at Greeley, CO was 36 degrees. An area of low pressure is shifting out of CO into KS, kicking up an area of rain and snow on the western side of it. Greeley is seeing rain at the moment but is expected to change over to a rain/snow mix or all snow briefly before the low continues to pull far enough away and the precip trails off over the area. As the low continues shifting towards the Mid-MS River Valley, clouds will decrease throughout the day and winds will pick up as well. By the late afternoon, it should be a fairly decent day, minus the gusty winds of course. As we roll into St. Patrick’s Day, the Greeley area looks to be between systems, so warmer temperatures and mostly clear skies are expected! If there’s any limitations to the festivities you have for the day, looks like the weather won’t be one of them!

Friday: Frozen mix in morning, clouds decreasing throughout the day and breezy. High 58, Low 33.
Saturday: Partly cloudy. High 62, Low 23.

TWC: Friday: Morning rain, then partly cloudy and windy. High 58, Low 34.
Saturday: Mostly sunny. High 63, Low 24.

AW: Friday: A bit of rain and snow early, then decreasing clouds and breezy. High 58, Low 37.
Saturday: Mostly sunny. High 64, Low 25.

NWS: Friday: Some rain/snow showers early, then decreasing clouds and breezy. High 58, Low 33.
Saturday: Sunny. High 65, Low 26.

WB: Friday: Early morning frozen mix, then mostly sunny by afternoon. High 57, Low 34.
Saturday: Mostly sunny. High 64, Low 26.

Saturday: NONE GIVEN

FIO: Friday: Morning sleet, then partly cloudy by midday. High 52, Low 35.
Saturday: Partly cloudy starting in the afternoon. High 58, Low 28.

Some rain/snow mixed shower are pushing off to the east currently. This activity should trail off during the early morning hours, making way for a pretty decent start of the weekend.