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Memphis, Tennessee to Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Today we embark on a 1,534-mile road trip from Memphis, TN to Lake Havasu City, AZ. From the shores of the Mississippi River to the Colorado River, it’ll take 3 days to cover the distance. We’ll get there just in time for Thanksgiving!


Massive high pressure is sitting over the Eastern US, so dry and fairly pleasant conditions are expected throughout the entire day as we head westward through Little Rock and Ft Smith, AR and finish the day in Oklahoma City.


Today will be more of the same as we spend the entire day on I-40 westward. A bit of a trough will sag over the Plains as we head out of Oklahoma City towards Amarillo. A few more clouds might be expected for the morning, but should mostly clear out as we head into New Mexico. We finish the day in Albuquerque.


More high pressure! The Desert Southwest will be firmly underneath it so just some high clouds are anticipated as we cruise by Gallup and Flagstaff before finally turning south at Kingman and eventually into Lake Havasu City in the late evening. A easy weather trip!

Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Today we take a trip to a Spring Break hotspot, though there won’t be a bevy of coed’s there currently. With Thanksgiving just a few days away, I imagine most college students are heading home for the long holiday weekend.

At 955pm MST, the temperature at Lake Havasu City, AZ was 63 degrees under fair skies. As a system dumps plenty of precip over the Pacific Northwest, high pressure is sitting firmly over the Desert Southwest. Fairly quiet conditions are expected to start the short workweek off and continue into Tuesday. Tuesday will be a few degrees warmer with a few clouds. So all in all, a fairly nice forecast! Get those Christmas shopping lists ready, Black Friday is imminent!

Monday: Partly cloudy. High 74, Low 45.
Tuesday: Mostly sunny and warmer. High 80, Low 52.

TWC: Monday: Partly cloudy. High 75, Low 47.
Tuesday: Partly cloudy. High 82, Low 53.

AW: Monday: Partly sunny and pleasant. High 75, Low 43.
Tuesday: Periods of clouds and sun. High 82, Low 48.

NWS: Monday: Mostly sunny. High 75, Low 46.
Tuesday: Mostly sunny. High 79, Low 51.

WB: Monday: Mostly sunny. High 73, Low 48.
Tuesday: Mostly sunny. High 78, Low 54.

WN: Monday: Mostly sunny. High 73, Low 43.
Tuesday: Partly cloudy. High 78, Low 48.

FIO: Monday: Partly cloudy starting overnight. High 77, Low 46.
Tuesday: Partly cloudy throughout the day. High 82, Low 52.

Only cirrus clouds are traversing the area, indicative of how quiet the next couple of days are going to be for the area.

Wheeling, West Virginia

Earlier this evening, I was conversing with a friend about a music festival we’ll be attending in a few months. My friend lives in Wheeling, WV currently. I better make it a good forecast or she’ll mock me ruthlessly!

At 953pm EST, the temperature at Wheeling, WV was 45 degrees under overcast skies. An area of low pressure is shifting through the Great Lakes tonight, pushing a cold front through the Ohio Valley and into the Northeast during the day tomorrow. Some spotty shower activity is found in the area currently but will continue shifting towards the east as we push towards dawn. Dry weather is expected behind the front on Thursday but breezy conditions will keep the day fairly brisk tomorrow. Winds calm down as high pressure moves overhead Thursday night into Friday, so temperatures will drop somewhat sharply. Luckily, southwesterly flow on Friday will perk temperatures back up a few degrees, so Friday should be much nicer to be outside compared to Thursday.

Thursday: Isolated early morning rain shower, then overcast and breezy throughout the day. High 44, Low 34.
Friday: Partly cloudy. High 47, Low 30.

TWC: Thursday: Cloudy with some early morning showers. High 47, Low 35.
Friday: Partly cloudy. High 48, Low 29.

AW: Thursday: An early morning downpour possible, then rather cloudy, breezy. High 41, Low 34.
Friday: Partial sunshine. High 47, Low 27.

NWS: Thursday: A chance of morning rain/snow showers, then rain in afternoon. High 41, Low 33.
Friday: Partly sunny. High 49, Low 29.

WB: Thursday: Considerable cloudiness with a chance of rain and slight chance of snow showers. High 42, Low 34.
Friday: Partly cloudy, evening rain showers possible. High 46, Low 31.

WN: Thursday: Mostly cloudy with chance of light wintry mix. High 45, Low 34.
Friday: Partly cloudy. High 49, Low 29.

FIO: Thursday: Mostly cloudy throughout the day, possible early AM shower. High 50, Low 37.
Friday: Foggy starting overnight, isolated snow showers late. High 44, Low 32.

Some isolated shower activity has shifted east of Wheeling during the late evening hours, and should clear out of the area as the day progresses.

Palm Bay, Florida

Today we head down to the Sunshine State as hurricane season looks to be winding down. Is something out on the horizon cause for concern or will this week be fairly quiet?

At 853pm EST, the temperature at Palm Bay, FL was 75 degrees under a few clouds. The good news is no tropical systems look to affect the FL Peninsula over the next couple of days, or really for a while at all as the only possible area of organization is waaay out over the Atlantic. A large area of high pressure is found over the Eastern US, keeping much of the country east of the Mississippi River dry. However, this area of high pressure is steering some shower activity that pops up over the Gulf Stream westward over the eastern shores of the FL Peninsula, which should be somewhat on the numerous side tomorrow. Wednesday will still see some activity, but more of the isolated to widely scattered variety. In any event, it should be a nice couple of days, but don’t be surprised if you have to dodge a couple of quick showers.

Tuesday: Few scattered showers possible. High 78, Low 70.
Wednesday: Isolated showers possible. High 77, Low 69.

TWC: Tuesday: Showers likely. High 78, Low 71.
Wednesday: Partly cloudy, couple of isolated showers possible. High 77, Low 69.

AW: Tuesday: A brief shower or two. High 78, Low 72.
Wednesday: Partly sunny with a shower. High 78, Low 70.

NWS: Tuesday: Chance of showers. High 78, Low 69.
Wednesday: Chance of showers. High 78, Low 67.

WB: Tuesday: 50% chance of rain showers. High 76, Low 71.
Wednesday: 40% chance of rain showers. High 77, Low 69.

WN: Tuesday: Mostly cloudy with scattered showers. High 79, Low 68.
Wednesday: Partly cloudy with scattered showers. High 78, Low 65.

FIO: Tuesday: Partly cloudy starting overnight, continuing until night, chance of afternoon showers. High 78, Low 70.
Wednesday: Breezy until morning and partly cloudy with isolated showers throughout the day. High 78, Low 69.

There’s a couple bands of showers pushing their way onshore currently, and are expected to become a little bit more widespread tomorrow during the day.

Ogden, Utah

Today we head off to Ogden, UT, surrounded by the picturesque Rocky Mountains on one side and the Great Salt Lake on the other. Will we close out the month of October with beautiful weather to match the scenery?

At 1020pm MDT, the temperature at Ogden, UT was 45 degrees under fair skies. Low pressure found over the Desert Southwest will be pushing through the Four Corners area and into the Central Plains over the next couple of days. Widespread high clouds are found over the region tonight but those will be shifting out of the region with the low pressure throughout the day Tuesday. Weak high pressure shifts overhead for Wednesday bringing warmer temps and mostly clear skies to the area. Looks like it’s shaping up to be a nice couple of days!

Tuesday: Partly cloudy. High 55, Low 34.
Wednesday: Mostly sunny and warmer. High 65, Low 41.

TWC: Tuesday: Mostly sunny. High 55, Low 33.
Wednesday: Partly cloudy. High 65, Low 43.

AW: Tuesday: Partial sunshine. High 54, Low 34.
Wednesday: Pleasant and warmer. High 64, Low 39.

NWS: Tuesday: Sunny. High 54, Low 31.
Wednesday: Sunny. High 63, Low 37.

WB: Tuesday: Sunny. High 53, Low 32.
Wednesday: Partly cloudy. High 63, Low 38.

WN: Tuesday: Mostly sunny. High 54, Low 31.
Wednesday: Mostly sunny. High 63, Low 37.

FIO: Tuesday: Partly cloudy starting in the evening. High 53, Low 33.
Wednesday: Partly cloudy throughout the day. High 60, Low 37.

Some cirrus clouds are found over the region as a system starts to get going over the Four Corners region. Luckily for us, these clouds will be shifting out of the region tomorrow and clears out for midweek!

Muskegon, Michigan to Fort Collins, Colorado

Tonight we embark on a 1,156-mile road trip from the Great Lakes to the foothills of the Rockies. We’ll be able to make it in 2 days, but it’ll be a long 2 days. We better get to sleep early, gonna be an early morning tomorrow to get this show on the road!


A low pressure system is pushing into the Western Great Lakes, far less intense than the low that’s inundating the Northeast and New England right now, but it’s pushing a cold front through Michigan down into the Central Plains. Some light shower activity is possible during the morning hours as we head southward along the shores of Lake Michigan into northwest Indiana and eventually into Northern Illinois. Once we get into Illinois we should avoid any more precip for the day, but gusty northwesterly winds will be found throughout the rest of the day, especially as we head into Iowa. Winds will calm down a bit in the evening as we head past Des Moines and finish our day in the small town of Adair, IA


High pressure is found over the Central US today, making for a quieter and much less windy day as we head out of western Iowa past Omaha and through much of Nebraska. An area of low pressure looks to start shifting out of Alberta down into the Northern High Plains late in the day, but with downsloping winds as we get into western NE, temperatures will warm up a bit. Not like that will affect any precip types, however, as dry weather will persist for the rest of the day as we head into northeast CO and eventually end the day in Fort Collins!

Grand Junction, Colorado

Today we head out to the lovely Rocky Mountains in Colorado! Will the weather cooperate so we can enjoy the beautiful mountain peaks? Let’s take a look!

At 1053pm MDT, the temperature in Grand Junction, CO is 48 degrees under fair skies. An area of pressure intensifying over the Daktoas will further intensify throughout the day on Thursday as it shifts into the Upper Midwest, bringing the first real bout of snow to non-mountainous areas in the Central Plains over the next couple of days. The accompanying cold front is dropping through the Central Rockies throughout the day on Thursday, but any precip associated with it should remain off to the east. As the front pushes further off to the south and east, high pressure drops down over the Rockies, clearing the region out but dropping temperatures as well.

Thursday: Mostly sunny. High 64, Low 39.
Friday: Clear. High 59, Low 32.

TWC: Thursday: Partly cloudy. High 64, Low 37.
Friday: Sunny. High 59, Low 30.

AW: Thursday: Mostly cloudy. High 63, Low 39.
Friday: Sunny to partly cloudy. High 59, Low 29.

NWS: Thursday: Mostly sunny. High 63, Low 38.
Friday: Sunny. High 56, Low 31.

WB: Thursday: Mostly sunny. High 63, Low 40.
Friday: Sunny. High 57, Low 32.

WN: Thursday: Partly cloudy. High 63, Low 43.
Friday: Mostly sunny. High 56, Low 31.

FIO: Thursday: Breezy starting in the afternoon, continuing until evening. High 63, Low 38.
Friday: Clear throughout the day. High 57, Low 28.

A stream of high clouds is found off to the north of the region tonight. No real impacts from this system are expected over the next couple of days, other than temperatures dropping, making the daylight hours pretty nice!

College Station, Texas to Indianapolis, Indiana

Today we embark on a 2-day road trip from College Station, TX to Indianapolis, IN. Perhaps it’s a college football road trip? It is the season after all! Let’s take a gander at what the weather will be like for the 1,001-mile excursion.


High pressure controls much of the south-central US, so our first day shall be fairly pleasant. There might be some morning stratus as we head out of College Station to Texarkana, but by then it should be mostly sunny skies as we head through Little Rock. We end our day on the outskirts of Memphis, TN.


High pressure should greet us once again today as we depart Memphis, but as low pressure takes over the Central US, warmer temperatures and mostly clear skies are anticipated over the route along with some higher winds. They shouldn’t be of any issue however as we head into southern IL and eventually into Indianapolis ahead of hopefully a fun weekend!

Indianapolis, Indiana

Tonight we head off to the capital of Indiana and see how the middle of the week is shaping up for them. Hopefully it’s less windy than it’s been around here last couple of days!

At 1154pm EDT, the temperature at Indianapolis, IN is 41 degrees under mostly cloudy skies. A rather impressive upper-level trough has pushed its way over the Great Lakes down into the TN Valley as a cold front is found from New England all the way to Florida. The main surface low with this occluded system is found over Michigan and has been kicking up rain showers over the region. Most of those have shifted off to the southeast of the immediate Indianapolis area, so they really shouldn’t be much of an issue through the early morning hours Wednesday. As Wednesday turns into Thursday, the trough shifts out over the Northeast and winds turns again from the South as a new area of low pressure moves into the Upper Midwest. Thursday shall be mostly pleasant ahead of the next system with much warmer temperatures and clearer skies. Friday will be another story, but before then, Thursday will be great!

Wednesday: Cloudy throughout the day. High 49, Low 37.
Thursday: Mostly sunny. High 58, Low 35.

TWC: Wednesday: Cloudy with isolated showers. High 49, Low 38.
Thursday: Mostly sunny. High 57, Low 34.

AW: Wednesday: Mostly cloudy with showers. High 49, Low 39.
Thursday: Mostly sunny and warmer. High 58, Low 34.

NWS: Wednesday: Chance of early morning showers, then partly sunny. High 48, Low 37.
Thursday: Areas of frost, then sunny. High 59, Low 35.

WB: Wednesday: Partly cloudy after early morning showers. High 47, Low 42.
Thursday: Sunny. High 57, Low 38.

WN: Wednesday: Partly cloudy with isolated showers. High 48, Low 37.
Thursday: Partly cloudy with areas of frost. High 59, Low 35.

FIO: Wednesday: Mostly cloudy throughout the day. High 47, Low 37.
Thursday: Partly cloudy starting in the evening. High 58, Low 32.

Here we see a significant cloud deck shifting through the region, hiding some spotty shower activity. This should clear out over the next 24 hours and make way for a pretty nice Thursday.

Severe Saturday In Store

October and November is when there are typical large swings in weather patterns throughout the US, as the jet stream begins to buckle back down to the south and pushes of colder Canadian air begin to penetrate the Northern US. Sometimes these patterns can stir up bouts of late-season severe weather, since the contrast between the still warm and humid Gulf region and cold air from the north can be quite sharp at times. Saturday looks to be one of those days as a large cold front is pushing through the Plains tonight and by Saturday evening will be found from MN down to Central OK/TX Panhandle, kicking up showers and thunderstorms along its’ length. An embedded area of low pressure found along the front in KS/OK looks to be a trigger for more potent thunderstorms, as the SPC has put out an Enhanced Risk for much of Central OK. Some supercell thunderstorms are expected to pop off over western OK but then evolve into more of a squall line as storms push eastward into the overnight hours. It may be late-October, but Mother Nature isn’t quite done with severe weather outbreaks quite yet!