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Monroe, Michigan

This weekend is one of my favorite weekends of the year, where a bunch of my college friends and I get together and do trivia all weekend. Nerdy? Oh my yes. But before I consume an upsetting amount of caffeine, lets take a look at how Monroe, Michgan will fare!

At 1035pm EST, the temperature at Monroe, MI was 40 degrees and overcast. An area of low pressure sitting over Lake Huron is extending a cold front through far southern Ontario back through OH/KY, just pushing through the Monroe area right now. Some light rain shower activity is pushing through the region but should be done over the very early morning hours as system continues to push to the east at a rather brisk pace. Clouds are expected to remain throughout the day, with perhaps a couple peeks of sun in the afternoon. High pressure is pushing in behind the system, making way for a dry day on Saturday. With high pressure moving in, however, temperatures will be much cooler over the next couple of days than they were earlier today, with morning lows on Saturday in the mid-teens. Precip looks to come back into the picture sometime on Sunday.

Friday: Isolated early AM rain shower, then mostly cloudy. High 39, Low 19.
Saturday: Decreasing clouds. High 31, Low 15.

TWC: Friday: Spotty early AM showers, then AM clouds/PM sun. High 31, Low 21.
Saturday: Mostly cloudy. High 30, Low 18.

AW: Friday: Isolated morning showers, then cloudy/breezy. High 38, Low 22.
Saturday: Partly sunny, chilly. High 30, Low 17.

NWS: Friday: Early morning rain/snow showers, then partly sunny/breezy. High 29, Low 22.
Saturday: Mostly sunny. High 28, Low 18.

WB: Friday: Slight chance of early AM rain, then mostly cloudy. High 40, Low 21.
Saturday: Mostly sunny. High 30, Low 18.

WN: Friday: Windy with isolated snow showers. High 38, Low 22.
Saturday: Partly cloudy. High 28, Low 18.

FIO: Friday: Mostly cloudy throughout the day. High 41, Low 21.
Saturday: Partly cloudy until evening. High 27, Low 16.

A few light showers are moving through the region currently. After this activity departs pre-dawn, the rest of the next 2 days looks rather pleasant, albeit chilly.

Burlington, Vermont

Well, tonight’s Big Game is over, and for the residents of Burlington, VT, I’m sure a few of them were pleased with the outcome, considering their proximity to Boston. What will the weather hold for celebrations over the next couple of days?

At 1054pm EST, the temperature at Burlington, VT was 41 degrees under light rain. A weak area of low pressure is shifting through Quebec currently, with a trough swinging through the region. Some light overnight rain showers are anticipated, but will clear up by morning. While the day will be somewhat pleasant, another boundary looks to move through the region early Tuesday morning. This more potent system will bring a better chance of morning rain showers before clearing out by midday. Colder temps are expected to spill in behind it throughout the evening Tuesday, making for a much colder evening than it will be on Monday. But at least it’ll be dry then, right?

Monday: Isolated early AM shower, then cloudy. High 48, Low 39.
Tuesday: Possible early morning showers, then cloudy but cooler. High 44, Low 17.

TWC: Monday: Morning showers. High 42, Low 37.
Tuesday: Isolated showers possible. High 44, Low 21.

AW: Monday: Morning mist; mostly cloudy. High 48, Low 41.
Tuesday: Fog, a morning downpour possible. High 45, Low 20.

NWS: Monday: Chance of early morning showers, then cloudy. High 43, Low 38.
Tuesday: Chance of morning rain, then breezy. High 42, Low 17.

WB: Monday: Chance of morning rain, then cloudy. High 44, Low 37.
Tuesday: Mostly cloudy after morning rain. High 42, Low 20.

WN: Monday: Mostly cloudy, possible late night shower. High 44, Low 37.
Tuesday: Mostly cloudy with early morning showers. High 42, Low 20.

FIO: Monday: Foggy starting in the afternoon, continuing until evening. High 44, Low 37
Tuesday: Mostly cloudy throughout the day. High 47, Low 21.

We see a few light rain showers shifting through the region, but certainly not a washout.

Mystery Mornings

It seems to be kind of hard to pin down what happened in Columbus, IN over the last couple of days. The nearby reporting station only reports between 6am and 10pm, missing the main period where freezing drizzle was forecast to happen, though some light snow reports were seen.

Wednesday: Light snow reported. High 33, Low 30.
Thursday: Rain reported. High 37, Low 32.
Forecast Grade: B-C

Winter Storm Set to Roar Through US

As the Government Shutdown rolls on into yet another day, the hard-working men and women of the NWS continue to show up and doing their job diligently, and we couldn’t be more thankful for that than a time like the next 3 days. A massive winter storm is taking shape over the Western US and will affect everybody from the Central Plains to the New England states. A northern branch of energy will bring snow to the Dakotas and Upper Midwest, then it will link up with the main area of low pressure ejecting out into the Plains, then start racing eastward over the weekend. Areas of heavy snow are expected from IA/MO/IL through the OH Valley into the Northeast and ultimately into New England on Sunday. Behind all of this will be the first significant push of Arctic air into the Eastern US as well, as MSP may finally see a sub-zero temperature for the first time this season, but not before breaking the all-time record for latest such reading on record (Jan 18th is the record, accomplished in 2012, 2002, and 1889). Places in New England could be reporting snow by the foot by the time it shifts out late Sunday. Here’s a look at the current string of watches and warnings issued by the NWS, who no doubt have their hands full this weekend. We appreciate you!

Springfield, Massachusetts to Columbus, Indiana

Today we embark on a 2-day, 876-mile trip from Western MA to central IN. There’s been a lot of talk about a storm system hitting the region, can we get the trip in before it stops us in our tracks?

Day 1

It will be a fairly nice start to the day and mostly sunny skies greet us as we embark southward out of Springfield into CT then eventually heading west on I-84. Clouds will increase throughout the day as we trek through southeastern NY and into PA. There’s a slight chance a few flurries could linger in the air as we pass by State College and into western PA, but the system responsible for that will have mostly passed on to the north, leaving some overcast skies in its wake. Fairly quiet conditions are expected for the evening as we pull into Youngstown, OH for the night

Day 2

An area of weak low pressure will be making its way through the OH Valley today. While the start of the day will just be cloudy, we can expected to see some light snow start to fall by the time we make it past Mansfield into the Columbus, OH area. While we may be happy to see THAT Columbus, we must trudge onwards on I-71 since we have a little ways to go yet. Luckily for us, snow showers will changeover to rain midday, making the rest of the drive wet, but not as treacherous as the start of the day was. Rain showers should start to taper off as we pass by Cincinnati and eventually into Columbus, IN!

Columbus, Indiana

Today we head off to the Ohio Valley to visit Columbus! No, not THE Columbus, but still just as awesome I’m sure! So I’m told anyways.

At 945pm EST, the temperature at Columbus, IN was 32 degrees under overcast skies. The tail end of a frontal boundary is shifting through the region, with plenty of low-level moisture found in its’ vicinity. It’s not expected to really rain during the morning hours in Columbus, but with temperatures hovering just at or below freezing, the low-lying stratus clouds and areas of fog could squeeze out some patchy freezing drizzle in the area, generally coming to an end by the late-morning hours. Dry weather is then expected for the rest of Wednesday into early Thursday. Another quick-moving but weak low pressure system looks to shift through the region on Thursday, bringing some rain/snow showers in the late morning hours before warming up a bit and changing everything over to all rain. This activity moves east of the area by Thursday evening, then dries out until the main weekend storm hits.

Wednesday: Patchy freezing drizzle in morning, drying out by midday. High 38, Low 30.
Thursday: Rain/snow mix in morning, then becoming rain showers. High 40, Low 29.

TWC: Wednesday: Cloudy, spotty drizzle. High 35, Low 31.
Thursday: Rain/snow mix. High 41, Low 32.

AW: Wednesday: AM freezing drizzle/fog. High 38, Low 30.
Thursday: Periods of rain/snow. High 41, Low 31.

NWS: Wednesday: Patchy freezing drizzle in AM, then drizzle/cloudy. High 36, Low 31.
Thursday: Rain/snow mix in morning, then rain. High 39, Low 31.

WB: Wednesday: Patchy light freezing drizzle until midday. High 35, Low 31.
Thursday: Periods of rain. High 39, Low 33.

WN: Wednesday: Mostly cloudy with patchy light freezing drizzle. High 36, Low 31.
Thursday: Cloudy with light rain. High 39, Low 31.

FIO: Wednesday: Overcast throughout the day. High 34, Low 31.
Thursday: Light rain starting in morning. High 38, Low 32.

Here we see the broad area of stratus over the OH Valley, although thicker clouds are found off to the south. This will be sticking with us through much of the day Wednesday.

Wicked Weekend Winter Wonderland

As we head into mid-January, Old Man Winter usually grabs hold over much of the US. Arctic outbreaks, nasty blizzards, and sometimes crippling ice storms can hit the country. Thanks to a rather boring pattern, however, 2019 hasn’t been too bad. Here at Victoria Weather HQ, we’ve only gotten a trace of snow this month and looks to be dry for the next week, all this in a month where we average nearly a foot of snow. There’s a good snowstorm setting up for this weekend, but sadly it won’t be anywhere around here.

Low pressure is developing over the Southern Plains and thanks to a strong high pressure area sitting over the Northern US, this storm will move mainly due east over the next 48-72 hours. There’s enough cold air sitting over the Mid-MS River Valley that as it shifts towards the TN Valley by Saturday, snow will spread over KS into MO. A Winter Storm Warning is out for Central/Eastern MO, with St. Louis looking at 6-9″ from this storm by the time it winds down Saturday night. Meanwhile, here in the Twin Cities, dry conditions and temperatures in the mid 30s are expected through Monday. Come back snow! We miss you!

Lebanon, Pennsylvania to Huntington, West Virginia

Today we embark on a day trip from Lebanon, Pa to Huntington, WV. It may be 422 miles, but it’s going to feel a lot longer than that. Why is that? Well… let’s take a look.

An area of low pressure shifting through the lower Great Lakes tonight will shift through New England tomorrow, with gusty west-northwesterly winds persisting throughout the day tomorrow. Conditions shouldn’t be too bad as we head southwest out of Lebanon on I-81 into Maryland, then head west on I-68. However, once we het towards Cumberland and Frostburg, conditions are going to start getting a little hairy as snow showers increase, thanks to the constant westerly flow lifting over the mountains. As we make our way south on I-79 past Morgantown, snow showers are expected to affect much of the trek through WV, so slower driving and a wary eye on the road will be needed. Conditions will slowly improve the further south we drive, as the main threat of snow on the road will be over northern WV, but still expect some snow-covered roadways as we make our way past Charleston and head due west to Huntington. It’ll be a longer day than it’d normally day, but we’ll get there in the evening.

Frigid Start to 2019

Happy New Year everybody! I hope you all enjoyed a great time bringing in the new year last night, whether it be at a crazy party or just laying low at home. To those who stumbled outside into the world this morning to get back home, like yours truly, you were met by something other than blinding sunlight… some bonechilling cold. Strong high pressure took over much of the Central US while a quick moving low pressure system shifted through the Northeast/New England last night, bringing plenty of rain to Times Square as the ball dropped. Much of the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest saw sub-zero temperatures and wind chills that plunged well below -30, even to -50 in some spots! Right now, Sub-zero temperatures are found throughout the northern 2/3 of MN and far northern WI, with temperatures already down to -21 at Hibbing, MN. Single-digit temperatures are found all the way down to western KS with sub-zero temps found over eastern CO down into NM. Temperatures will be on the rebound by Thursday, but Wednesday morning will still bring a chill to the lungs as people head out for the 1st work day of the year

New Years Eve Weather Headaches

New Years Eve is upon us! As we get ready to celebrate various festivities to ring in 2019, no doubt people will be hitting the roads to get to parties or bars or wherever else they choose to enjoy watching the ball in Times Square drop. Will the weather cooperate in party-goers getting to their destination though?

There’s a significant low-pressure system developing over OK/TX and pushing into MO/AR by morning. It’s a fairly quick-moving system, shifting into S MI/IN by the mid-evening hours, trailing a cold front through the TN Valley to the MS River Delta which looks to kick up showers and thunderstorms over the Deep South. Some periods of heavy rain will shift through the OH Valley and Mid-Atlantic states, and into the Great Lakes late in the evening. By the time midnight rolls around, rain will be spreading into most of New England and could be fairly soggy in Times Square, so i hope NYE revelers will bring some raincoats and umbrella.

Over MN into the Dakotas and Central Rockies, a stripe of snow is expected to fall tomorrow, bringing 3-6″ in spots along with near whiteout conditions in the Eastern Dakotas/Western MN. Most of that activity should come to an end by the time midnight rolls around, but winds could still cause many issues on open country roads, so staying over at your party HQ would be a wise decision.