How icy was it in the Twin Cities?

The Twin Cities had a dangerous combination of refreezing and freshly falling freezing rain, which created a glaze of ice over everything, particularly the side streets and driveways. Fortunately, Minnesota is a bit flatter than other places that see icing events, but there is some incline, such as in the southern suburb of Bloomington, where this happens.

The Cities saw a warm up over the weekend, thawing out after last weekend’s dangerous cold, and a boundary stalled over the area Sunday night through Monday morning, which not only froze all the snow that had started melting, but produced some light drizzle. A cold fornt plowed through by afternoon, and temperatures are again in the single digits, so that ice isn’t going anywhere. Compounding things are the 2-7″ Minneapolis and St. Paul will see this week.

(Video from Caravan Vet on Facebook)