Lawrence, Kansas to Waco, Texas

Just to give some scale to the size of Texas, this drive is mostly a reverse of the trip we took a couple days ago, but it is a 5 hour shorter drive. It covers a mere 600 miles and we can do it all in one day, which couldn’t be said about the Corpus Christi to Lawrence drive. Expect a pace of 66mph, as we won’t be able to build speed on I-35, and slowdowns in Dallas and OKC will carry more weight. Reverse course!

First off, great timing taking this trip on Friday. A weak, miserable wave is moving out today, and a monster of a system is in pursuit, threatening to make eastern Kansas a snowy travel nightmare by the end of the day. Warm air will surge north from east Texas to east Kansas, and while skies will clear, they will be dotted by puffy cumulus clouds that signify some sort of updraft. Those clouds will grow and become more ominous in the mid to late afternoon, with winds becoming more brisk across the prairies. We should be south of Oklahoma City by the time some of those clouds turn to rain or thunderstorms, but fortunately, the front will be almost through DFW by the time things start up, meaning a dry arrival in Waco. Surprise! It might actually be as cold in Waco as it was in Lawrence when we left. If not colder. Thanks, cold front!