Lebanon, Pennsylvania to Huntington, West Virginia

Today we embark on a day trip from Lebanon, Pa to Huntington, WV. It may be 422 miles, but it’s going to feel a lot longer than that. Why is that? Well… let’s take a look.

An area of low pressure shifting through the lower Great Lakes tonight will shift through New England tomorrow, with gusty west-northwesterly winds persisting throughout the day tomorrow. Conditions shouldn’t be too bad as we head southwest out of Lebanon on I-81 into Maryland, then head west on I-68. However, once we het towards Cumberland and Frostburg, conditions are going to start getting a little hairy as snow showers increase, thanks to the constant westerly flow lifting over the mountains. As we make our way south on I-79 past Morgantown, snow showers are expected to affect much of the trek through WV, so slower driving and a wary eye on the road will be needed. Conditions will slowly improve the further south we drive, as the main threat of snow on the road will be over northern WV, but still expect some snow-covered roadways as we make our way past Charleston and head due west to Huntington. It’ll be a longer day than it’d normally day, but we’ll get there in the evening.