Hectic weather paying dividends

It’s been pretty rainy along the west coast so far in 2019, with heavy snow in the western mountain ranges, from the Rockies to the Sierras. The heaviest round is likely to come Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, and will overwhelm travel along the coast, and will perhaps lead to flash flooding and mudslides, especially in areas that have recently seen wildfires.

The payoff will come in the spring. In addition to the rain, which is already alleviating the persistent drought that has been seen in southern California, but the successive rounds of wet weather this month, and the forecast for a wet late winter suggest that the drought relief will be more widespread than just San Diego County. 

A huge part of the relief is going to come in spring when the mountain snows melt and fill rivers and streams that feed agriculture, particularly in California. 

These rain clouds are definitely the kind that come with a silver lining.