Travel Nightmare for Some

Well, the turkey has been consumed, the 90% off deals for Black Friday are over, and just some Saturday holiday decorating is in the cards for many families throughout the country. I’ll be one of those anyways, putting up my new tree while enjoying some college football in the background. Sunday means millions then head home before work starts on Monday, hitting the roads and praying the traffic and weather cooperates with them. I can’t make any promises about the traffic in the Midwest, but the driving part could look less than optimal.

An area of low pressure is quickly shifting through the Rockies right now, bringing plentiful snows to the Yellowstone area. This low pressure will eject into the Central Plains late Saturday into early Sunday morning, dropping areas of heavy snow through Nebraska into western Iowa. As Sunday progresses, the storm will shift into the Great Lakes region, continuing to drop heavy snow into eastern Iowa, southern Wisconsin and far northern Illinois. Forecast snow accumulation maps snow where the chaos could reign on Sunday and while areas like St. Louis and Chicago will be largely spared, people traveling between N IL and places like Milwaukee and the Twin Cities, like some of my family members are, could be in for a bad day. Better to just take an extra vacation day then navigate treacherous roads!