Florida is both easy and difficult to forecast for. You can say that there is no synoptic scale reason to expect any significant thunderstorm threat, as I did in Deltona, but there is always a myriad of microscale phenomena to latch onto a moist parcel and blow up rogue thunderstorms, which is exactly what happened on Monday. Though the synoptic forcing seemed to want to kick things to the north, or so it seemed, a slow moving thunderstorm parked over Deltona shortly after noon, bringing nearly half an inch of rain, and preventing temperatures from reaching their full potential. Other than that thunderstorm, Victoria-Weather had a perfect forecast. Of course, because  of that storm, the NWS and WeatherNation snuck in for victory.
Actuals: Monday .41 inches of rain in thunderstorms, High 84, Low 68
Tuesday – Rain reported, not measured, High 88, Low 71

Grade: A-C