Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to Duluth, Minnesota

Lets start the week with a road trip. We’re going to head from southeastern Pennsylvania to the shores of Lake Superior. It will take us two days to cover the 1134 miles between our two cities. Day one will be over after 8 hours at a pace of 67mph. We’ll keep that pace on Day two, but travel a bit longer, after covering 547 miles on Monday, with the rest on Tuesday.

DAY ONE (Monday)

A big trough covering the country is bringing cold air to the country, but is also extremely disturbed. A low in the western Great Lakes will stick a tendril of moisture southeast towards Virginia, with showers — rain, exclusively — falling in the Alleghenies, making our drive difficult right from the start. Lighter sprinkles are going to be possible as we reach the Allegheny Plateau and head into Ohio. Overcast is a certainty throughout the day, but it will probably thin a bit after we pass Sandusky. It’s around there that the drizzle will end, and give us some reprieve as we continue on to Middlebury, Indiana, which is just outside of the Elkhart-Goshen region.

DAY TWO (Tuesday)
Not long after we arrive in Middlebury, a strong system will sidle into town, and batter the region with heavy rain and wind. It will taper off by the time we depart on Tuesday morning, with all that nastiness of Monday lifting into Michigan. We’ll traverse Chicago without any precipitation, and head into Wisconsin as clouds start to darken. After we’ve passed Madison, likely in the Wisconsin Dells/Baraboo area, we’ll start to encounter some precipitation, likely to be rain, but potentially mixing with snow. It’s going to be this tightrope that we’ll be watching for the rest of the drive up to Duluth.