Lexington, Kentucky to Sherman, Texas

Who’s ready to head to Texas? It will take a day and a half to travel from Kentucky to Texas, covering 855 miles between our two cities. At a pace of 66.9mph, we will be able to cover 535 miles on our first day, leaving a mere 320 miles for Tuesday. Hopefully the weather is cooperating.

DAY ONE (Monday)

I’m not sure you could ask for much better weather than what we are expecting in the southern Plains. High pressure is going to sit over the region, leaving a nice pool of tranquil air over the southern Appalachians, spreading west towards the lower Mississippi Valley. We’ll make it all the way to Lonoke, Arkansas (east of Little Rock) and won’t be confronted by a cloud, much less a rain drop.

DAY TWO (Tuesday) 
Low pressure is sliding into the Northern Plains by Tuesday, and dragging a cold front into the Central Plains. Precipitation won’t reach the stretch of road between Sherman and Lonoke, but southerly winds will increase, and we might see a ouch of rain before the drive is through. Extremely manageable. Couldn’t ask for a better drive.