Buffalo, New York

Today we take a look at what’s going on in Buffalo! Often a target for Lake Effect snows, it doesn’t seem like it’s quite the season for such shenanigans just yet, but let’s see what the start of the weekend looks like for them! 

At 954pm EDT, the temperature at Buffalo, NY was 39 degrees under overcast skies. An area of high pressure over the Northeast is keeping the area dry today with rather pleasant Fall conditions. Cloudy skies are anticipated throughout the day Friday in advance of an approaching storm system lifting up from the Southeast. By the time it makes it to the Northeast on Saturday, it’s expected to become a good ol’ fashioned nor’easter. Not really cold enough for there to be widespread snows, but just lots of rain for much of the region. Rain will move in during the very early morning hours on Saturday and last throughout the day as a weak lobe of low pressure on the backside of this system will keep the rain in the area until early Sunday. But hey, no snow just yet!

Friday: Increasing clouds, late night rain showers. High 52, Low 36.
Saturday: Rain throughout the day. High 47, Low 41.

TWC: Friday: Cloudy. High 53, Low 37.
Saturday: Rain. High 43, Low 40.

AW: Friday: Mostly cloudy. High 53, Low 37.
Saturday: Rain and drizzle in the afternoon. High 45, Low 41.

NWS: Friday: Mostly cloudy. High 50, Low 36.
Saturday: Rain. High 47, Low 41.

WB: Friday: Mostly cloudy. High 51, Low 38.
Saturday: Rain. High 42, Low 40.

WN: Friday: Mostly cloudy. High 50, Low 36.
Saturday: cloudy with light rain. High 47, Low 41.

FIO: Friday: Mostly cloudy throughout the day. High 53, Low 36.
Saturday: Rain starting in morning, continues through the day. High 44, Low 40.

Some layered clouds continue to stream over the area, so while there won’t be much sun on Friday, the rain will take a while to get there