Rosa targeting drought stricken southwest.

One of, if not the most drought addled parts of the country is the 4 Corners territory. The nexus of those four states is a bullseye on the CPC drought monitor for being the most in need of rain and cooler temperatures. Fortunately, Rosa is on her way. The next month forecasts to be a very wet one for most of the country, which is good news for the western US, and the remnants of Rosa, which is tracking over the Arizona as we speak, is only a start, though a very robust start. The heaviest rain will fall in northern Arizona, but Phoenix has already seen over 3” of rain, which doesn’t sound like much, but could be overwhelming to that arid landscape.

Rosa also has brought severe storms to northwestern Arizona. The population in the Mojave is spread thin, however the downpours caused by severe storms can fill arroyos and become extremely dangerous. The aftermath can be quite beautiful, and fresh rains will hopefully suspend significant fire threats for the time being.

The heavy rain will relent later in the week as Rosa winds down with more speed than tropical features in the eastern US (thanks to the Rocky Mountains), but the disruption to the flow aloft will change course for the precipitation pattern across the country.