Peoria, Illinois to Gadsden, Alabama

Labor Day isn’t usually a holiday that people travel for, but you might. It’s a three day weekend, so even though the one day trip is a long one, it doesn’t necessarily take up the whole weekend, giving us some time in Gadsden, even if we leave tomorrow. The drive will take 9 hours or so, and cover 641 miles, putting us on a pace of 68.8mph, which will certainly get us to Gadsden in plenty of time. 

A cold front is stalling across northern Illinois, with high pressure sitting over the eastern US, sticking its butt end right into our route. The best threat for thunderstorms through the day will be very early on, but through midday there could be a stray shower as the heating of the day actually burns off most of the cloud cover through Southern Illinois. The rest of the drive on into Alabama looks to be quite delightful, if a little steamy for any stops for gas. Gadsden, likewise, will be hot and stuffy for our Labor Day.