Violent tornadoes strike in Iowa

While severe weather was expected in the Corn Belt on Thursday, it certainly took on a much more momentous impact than was forecast. Of course, the nation grieves for the victims of the duck boat disaster in Missouri, which occurred as the result of a squall line causing the boat to capsize. Further to the north, where there had also been severe weather in the forecast, storms became supercellular, and dropped tornadoes east of Des Moines.
The radar imagery resembled tornado outbreaks seen in Oklahoma during the spring time, with discrete supercells rolling through the countryside. Not only does this typically mean strong tornadoes, but also often allows for clear video of the twisters in action. Case in point, the two funnels northeast of Des Moines, which ultimately struck the suburb of Bondurant, captured by traffic cameras.

A more traditionally videotaped tornado swept through Marshalltown, which is is about 50 miles to the northeast of Des Moines. Here, the tornado is seen toppling the cupola of the historic county courthouse.

Fortunately, despite the tornadoes in Bondurant, Marshalltown and also in Pella, south of Marshalltown, there were no deaths. Damage was significant, but central Iowa will be able to bounce back in no time.