Heat Surge Subsides, but Roaring Back

It’s been a Katy Perry-esuqe couple of months over the Upper Midwest, by that I mean it’s been “Hot N Cold”. MSP had their 4th coldest April on record then rebounded with their 2nd warmest May on record, which had their longest May stretch ever of 6 straight days of 90F+ days (and included the first 100F reading in 6 years!). June so far, has been very moderate, with no days reaching more than 9 degrees either above or below normal. Dew points today actually bottomed out in the upper 30s in the early afternoon hours, making for a picture perfect day across the region!

The heat and humidity will be returning with a vengeance once again this weekend as an area of strong low pressure is expected to push up into the Dakota, tapping some gulf Moisture to pump it up through the Plains and fuel thunderstorms over the Northern Plains and into the southern Canadian Prairie Provinces. Temps around here look to push into the 90s over the weekend with juicy dew points returning to the low 70s. We’ll see how long it sticks around or if it will settle back down towards normal, where this month has been so far.