An update Alberto update

The model tracks are beginning to reach a consensus on the coming course of Tropical — sorry, SUBtropical — Storm Alberto. The timing and intensity still look to be in line – arriving late Monday, and bringing with it more rain than anything, as it won’t strengthen past “modest tropical storm” intensity.

The trac has been refined, with landfall now expected to be in the Destin, Florida area. Fortunately, and despite States of Emergency from Mississippi to the Florida Panhandle, Alberto looks like a storm that will come and go fairly quickly. Tropical Storms possess many dangers, much like Alberto will, but this isn’t the type of storm that is going to require an evacuation or anything like that. Stay indoors and venture out only if absolutely necessary.

One interesting thing about the storm is what he will do after making landfall. I’ve noted that Alberto is going to continue moving fairly quickly after landfalling. Usually, this means a curl back to the east, but in this instance, Alberto is forecast to move due north before merging with a subtropical wave over Michigan by Thursday morning. Not very often you get tropical features in the Great Lakes!