“Subtropical” storm Alberto is a thing

We were considering a potential, albeit weak, storm moving into the Gulf and eventually ashore over the holiday weekend, and now that storm has a name: Alberto.  For some reason, this storm, formed in the tropics, is called a “subtropical” storm. Perhaps because it has formed outside of the official hurricane season, which starts next Friday. Weird decision.

Other things that have changed since we last spoke:

The storm is now expected further west than where it was earlier. Expect a landfall late Monday between Lafayette, Louisiana and Pensacola. (The NAM, not included in this spaghetti plot, carries Alberto further west, towards Lafayette)

Also, as you might imagine, since we already have a named storm, the intensity will be a bit stronger than our initial thought of a marginal tropical storm.

Alberto’s primary concern remains heavy rain, but he will also be pulled out of the picture fairly quickly. It’s an unfortunate way to spend the weekend, but I think the region will get through it soggy but otherwise unscathed.