Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Tonight, we head up to New England and take a gander at what’s happening in the Berkshires of Massachusetts!

At 1054pm EDT, the temperature at Pittsfield, MA was 53 degrees under fair skies. A slow-moving low pressure system is found over the Mid-Atlantic states, spreading copious amounts of rain out ahead of it into the Northeast US and soon, New England. This area of low pressure has been taking its’ sweet time since it developed over the Southern Plains a few days ago and creeped its way into the Deep South. Rain showers will spread over Western MA overnight tonight and last throughout the day Wednesday as the low traverses the Northeast and New England. Rain showers will taper off during the morning hours on Thursday as the low lifts out of New England into Canada, with clouds decreasing throughout the day as weak high pressure moves in.

Wednesday: Rain showers throughout the day. High 57, Low 47.
Thursday: Rain showers in morning, decreasing clouds throughout the day. High 57, Low 42.

TWC: Wednesday: Rain. High 54, Low 46.
Thursday: Morning showers. High 53, Low 45.

AW :Wednesday: Cloudy, a little rain and cooler. High 55, Low 45.
Thursday: Cloudy. High 56, Low 46.

NWS: Wednesday: Rain. High 55, Low 44.
Thursday: Chance of showers, fog early. High 60, Low 45.

WB: Wednesday: Rain. High 54, Low 45.
Thursday: Rain showers. High 52, Low 47.

WN: Wednesday: Cloudy with light rain. High 54, Low 45.
Thursday: Partly cloudy with scattered showers. High 60, Low 45.

FIO: Wednesday: Rain starting overnight, continuing until evening. High 55, Low 44.
Thursday: Early morning showers, foggy overnight. High 53, Low 42.

Yeah… there’s plenty of rain moving in, as seen by the Northeast US radar composite. This low pressure has been slow to move all week, and the next couple of rain-soaked days won’t be any different.