The cold builds west

The story of the spring so far has been the relentless cold, marked at times by strong systems moving through the northern US, leaving unseasonably snowy tracks through the region. This story, however, was confined largely to the part of the country that lies east of the Rocky Mountains. Points to the west were actually in the throes of warm, even unseasonably hot weather.

A great example of that is Phoenix, where Tuesday’s high will be 100 degrees. That’s significantly warmer than normal. We’ve been stuck in a standing wave pattern,  with a trough in the west and a high amplitude ridge in he west.  Expect that to change by week’s end.

A trough waiting just off the coast will move inland around Thursday, bringing quite a bit of precipitation to the western US. That will certainly be a big part of the story as the weekend approaches, but don’t miss out on this other component: Most of the country will see temperatures that are below normal, at least for the weekend.