Weather Wayback…A different time

Right now in Minneapolis, the Vikings are playing the Saints in an NFC playoff game, with the snow falling outside and winter firmly in place. Naturally, we’re going to look at the weather in late July.  Anthony put together a forecast just ahead of a line of thunderstorms moving into the Twin Cities. Temperatures were only (only!) in the low to mid 80s when there were some outlets ( specifically) went all the way up to 90 with their forecast. Victoria-Weather, with home field advantage, were able to secure the victory back in late July. Not unlike the Vikings, who are also in the lead with home field advantage.
Actuals: July 25th – .06 inches of rain, High 84, Low 68
July 26th – .13 inches of rain in thunderstorms, High 84, Low 66

Grade: B-C