Lawton, Oklahoma to Joplin, Missouri

We’re on the road again this evening, but today’s trip will be a short little trek. We’re only going to take about 4 1/2 hours to cover 302 miles through Oklahoma before we call it a day at the southwest corner of Missouri. Let’s set forth and see if anything is going on in the Sooner State.

High pressure in the middle of the country is leading to unpleasantly cold air just being parked smack dab along our route, but it’s starting to retreat. As high pressure relents, there is a little bit of rising air in the Plains, which is leading to some flurries over eastern Kansas. Some of those snow showers will make their way into southwestern Missouri in the morning and might still be hanging around Joplin when we arrive. The rest of the drive, the part in Oklahoma, on the other hand, will be a pretty great drive. Stay in the car though, because it will be fairly chilly in Oklahoma, and not a soul will be out to say hi to you.