Lewiston, Idaho

No big pre-amble today, but let’s take a look at how it’s going along the Idaho/Washington border today. At least they’ll be much warmer than we are here at VicWX HQ!

At 905pm PST, the temperature in Lewiston, ID was 41 degrees under overcast skies. Strong arctic high pressure is once again taking a stranglehold on the Central US. This is causing a couple areas of low pressure found over the Northern Rockies to get held up and pushed southeastward along the spine of the Rockies over the next 24-36 hours. Scattered rain shower (and higher elevation snows) are found throughout the region and will continue to affect the area throughout the day on Friday. Luckily, most of this activity will shift southeastward by the time Saturday rolls around and while the day will still be cloudy, no shower activity is anticipated. Temperatures look to remain fairly steady as well, so while Lewiston enjoys their balmy upper 40s, we get to have fun with -20 wind chills here at HQ. Oh well.

Friday: Scattered showers. High 48, Low 39.
Saturday: Mostly cloudy. High 47, Low 38.

TWC: Friday: Morning rain showers. High 45, Low 40.
Saturday: Partly cloudy, isolated morning shower. High 49, Low 37.

AW: Friday: A morning shower in places, some sun. High 48, Low 41.
Saturday: Partly sunny. High 49, Low 39.

NWS: Friday: Chance of rain showers. High 47, Low 39.
Saturday: Slight change of rain, then mostly cloudy. High 45, Low 36.

WB: Friday: chance of rain. High 47, Low 42.
Saturday: Mostly cloudy. High 46, Low 40.

Saturday: NONE GIVEN.

FIO: Friday: Mostly cloudy, some morning rain showers. High 52, Low 44.
Saturday: Mostly cloudy throughout the day. High 54, Low 40.

Scattered rain showers are pushing through the region currently. Unfortunately, these are expected to continue across the region for the next day or so.