Beginning the year with a glaze

Our year end forecast for Fort Smith called for a dreary weekend for Fort Smith, and we were not disappointed. Perhaps other outlets, or residents of Fort Smith were, but not Victoria-Weather. Temperatures dropped precipitously through the period, and they weren’t that warm to begin with. They started at 41 degrees on Saturday, and by Sunday morning, were as cold as 17 degrees. There was a splash of freezing drizzle and snow on Sunday, which I’m sure residents of Arkansas were extremely enthusiastic about. It wasn’t the storm that they are expecting out east, but for Fort Smith, it was something. Victoria – Weather was able to claim victory for this, the first verification of the year.
Actuals: Saturday – High 41, Low 29
Sunday – .01 inches of precipitation, falling as rain/snow, High 30, Low 17

Grade: A-D