Oxnard, California to Fort Smith, Arkansas

Hey, who’s ready for a nice road trip through the desert? It’s so cold across so much of the country, but we will be taking our route through part of the world that has been able to avoid the really cold stuff. If anything, it’s still unusually warm in the southwest. Our drive will take three days, covering 1564 miles. Our pace will be about 69mph, and the first two days will be longer, with a goal of 553mph.


DAY ONE (Sunday)

The good news for California is that the high pressure dominating the region right now is centered off shore, so there won’t be any Santa Ana winds whipping up flames through the Santa Barbara mountains. Hopefully, this will mean some rain soon to help neutralize the threat even further. Alas, as we drive through the desert California, we will encounter no such wet weather, and we will barely see any clouds, even in the high elevations where they tend to sneak up on you. Our drive will conclude after we have passed through Flagstaff and end up in the ghost town of Two Guns, Arizona. Sounds like a fun place.

DAY TWO (Monday)
Our second day on the road, and the first day of the year will be just as pleasant as the first day of the drive, and last day of 2017. We’re going to be cruising through New Mexico on the way to the Panhandle of Texas, stopping in the town of Wildorado, west of Amarillo. We’re going to be reaching the western edge of that cold area of high pressure at the end of the day, so while it may be fairly warm on Monday, don’t expect the last day to be as accommodating.

DAY THREE (Tuesday)
As I noted in the description of Monday’s forecast, expect some colder weather on Tuesday. Indeed, Oklahoma and Arkansas especially should expect near record cold as cold air pools along the I-40 corridor from Amarillo to North Carolina. Of course, our entire route falls neatly within that stretch of roadway. Clear skies east of Amarillo, but a very brisk feel to the environment when we get to Fort Smith.