Decatur, Illinois

It’s a Forecast 2-fer! That’ll happen when i’m on vacation for a day down in, ironically, Illinois. I wasn’t very close to Decatur, but at least I was in the ballpark! Let’s see how long this arctic blast sticks around for.

At 1054pm CST, the temperature at Decatur, IL was 2 degrees under fair skies. High pressure has firmly gripped much of the Eastern US in its’ icy clutches. Sub-zero temperatures were found throughout the region this morning, a Christmas present I’m sure nobody asked for. There is a disturbance working its way trhough the Midwest, however, and the associated cloud cover will keep temperatures from getting too low tonight. It’s unlikely it’ll drop much from where it is now as it moves in from the east. Returns are showing up on radar, but they’re not currently reaching the ground. This activity should stay off to the north of the area today, with temperatures rebounding into the teens. A slightly better chance of some late afternoon snow showers is expected for Friday as another quick moving ripple of energy follows on the heals of the last one, so keep an eye out for some accumulating snows from that. Another round of bitter Arctic air looks possible in the long-term, so keep that on the brain as we head for 2018!

Thursday: Cloudy, getting a bit warmer. High 17, Low 1
Friday: Chance of afternoon/evening snow showers. High 24, Low 10.

TWC: Thursday: Cloudy. High 19, Low 2.
Friday: Afternoon snow showers. High 22, Low 12.

AW: Thursday: Mainly cloudy, not as cold. High 19, Low 6.
Friday: A little snow, mainly later. High 21, Low 12.

NWS: Thursday: Mostly cloudy then slight chance of afternoon snow showers. High 19, Low -3.
Friday: Mostly cloudy with chance of snow. High 21, Low 10.

WB: Thursday: Mostly cloudy. High 19, Low 3.
Friday: 50% chance of snow. High 21, Low 12.

WN: Thursday: (Website down)
Friday: (Website down)

FIO: Thursday: Foggy starting in the evening, continuing until night. High 18, Low 2.
Friday: Snow starting in the evening. High 20, Low 7.

The leading edge of light snow showers are starting to push into far Western IL, although most of that isn’t hitting the ground yet.