Betrayed by the lows

When a forecast calls for a front to move through town, it seems like the primary issue will revolve around the timing, trying to establish when the high temperature will occur and then extrapolating the plunge in temperature, leading to a messy high and low on back to back days. Not in Baltimore, though! No, the problems revolved exclusively around the low temperatures, both on Wednesday and on Thursday, which were much cooler both the day after the frontal passage, and the day after that! The rain ended late, too, which usually would mean a warmer overnight low on the next day, so you will have to forgive some universally misguided forecasts. The National Weather Service was able to sneak in a victory, however, thanks to a less bad forecast, and also being one of only two outlets to have rain continuing into Wednesday morning.
Actuals: Wednesday – Trace of rain, High 56, Low 37
Thursday – High 49, Low 32

Grade: C-D