November ending on a dry note

While we have successfully made it through the first major holiday of the season free of any significant weather, and we have been told to expect warm temperatures as the month winds down, there is another concern becoming more apparent. It’s going to be very dry.

Below is a look at the projected precipitation over the next week.

The Pacific Northwest is going to get pummeled by systems, and there will even be some showers into southern California, but from the Rockies and eastward, it will mostly be a very dry week.

This isn’t a terrible concern for most, save for down in Florida, where it is still warm enough for fires if it remains too dry, especially with the extra debris added by Irma, as the growing season is over almost everywhere. The only places in dire need of rain fall are ski hills and resorts, which are getting a late start on the season Fortunately, the highest points of the mountains in Nre England down through the Smokeys look to be some of the most reliably damp parts of the country.

While this week is nice, the central Plains will eventually want to catch up with the snow. It will prevent frost from settling in too deeply, slowing the growing season next spring, and will obviously provide the early season moisture essential for crop growth. Rain, like they are going to see in the Ozarks, doesn’t really do much this time of year.

The good news is all the snow coming for the Sierras, where a snowpack there will feed the rivers flowing into central California next spring.