Toasty Thanksgiving Weekend

Most people, as least in the Northern US, associate Thanksgiving weekend with delicious food, hanging with family, and setting up Christmas decorations as temperatures continue to dip as we approach Winter Solstace. Pretty sure it’s a common picture every year of people bundled up while waiting for businesses to open their doors for Black Friday deals. This year is a little bit different in the northern US. An area of low pressure has been scooting along the US/Canada border and has a particularly strong warm front associated with it. On Thanksgiving, the Western Dakotas saw their temperatures soar into the 70s! Bismarck clocked in at 74 degrees, annihalating the previous record high of 62 set back in 2011. Williston hit 68, breaking their record high by a dozen degrees as well! that warm weather spread into Minnesota overnight as people were busying themselves with Black Friday shopping. MSP spiked up to 60 in the early afternoon, breaking the previous record by a degree. Impressive since this was the first 50+ reading of the month for MSP and then decided to speed on into the 60s.

Above normal temperatures are expected to continue over the North Central US as temps of 10-15 degrees above normal are expected over the weekend. Looks like some nice conditions to get those Christmas lights hung!