Record breaking cold comes to the northeast

If you are waking up this morning in New York or New England and are reading this today, you likely already know this: it’s cold out there! Here is a look at the forecast morning lows across the region:

The only thing keeping Boston, New York and Philadelphia in the 20s is proximity to the coast and the urban heat island effect. Inland, temperatures are barely in double digits in central New York or Pennsylvania.

If this seems cold to you, it’s not just because this is the first bout of cold weather for the season, but it’s also the earliest it’s ever been this cold in places like New York. It’s going to be a record low, and the lowest temperature ever seen this early in the year in New York City! If you aren’t a fan of the cold, then I grant you the right to complain about this outbreak of cold. No, it isn’t supposed to be this cold this time of year!