Fort Collins, Colorado to Columbus, Indiana

Hey, let’s hit the road tonight, shall we? We’re taking a two day trip, covering 1178 miles of the Plains. We’ll cover ground at a pace approachingĀ 70mph, and we’ll be able to drive 555 miles on Friday, leaving more than half the drive for Saturday. Traffic will be better anyways.

DAY ONE (Friday)

Winds will be whipping through the Plains behind a cold front presently making its way through Illinois, and it will probably seem a bit more vigorous in the flatlands of Kansas. It will be chilly, too, so limit those stops at gas stations and maybe hit the drive through for lunch so you can keep the car warm, because nobody is ever really ready for the first dose of chilly weather of the season. We’ll make it to Alma, Kansas, which is closer to the interstate than Manhattan.

DAY TWO (Saturday)
Increasingly on Saturday, we will see the blue skies blotted out by gray clouds as we head eastward. It should be entirely overcast as we reach St. Louis, and will continue to be dreary through Illinois and central Indiana. Maybe it’s not the welcome you want in Columbus, but it is the welcome we are stuck with. It should clear out early in the week, if we can stick around at all!