Columbus, Indiana to Barnstable, Massachusetts

Hey! Let’s take another two day trek, with some subtle differences. Columbus will be the origin for this journey, and we will be headed for the east coast. The first day will be the longer one with a goal of 522 miles travled at a pace of about 65mph. I think that pretty much covers it, so lets get on with it.

DAY ONE (Saturday)

One nice thing about leaving on this trip on Saturday is that we won’t immediately encounter rainfall. Eventually, yes, it will rain, and it will rain a lot, but just not right away. The threat for rain will fall somewhere between Columbus (the Ohio version) and Somerset, Pennsylvania, with the heaviest activity over southeastern Ohio, the West Virginia Panhandle, and through the Pittsburgh region. The boundary is slow moving and butting up against the Appalachians, which is all good news, because the trek through central Pennsylvania will be warmer and dry. The first day will conclude in Carlisle, right off the turnpike, and just before Harrisburg.

DAY TWO (Sunday)
We will make it to Carlisle, but then the precipitation will catch up with us. Furthermore, that cold front will latch on to a disturbance rising out of the Caribbean, which will wind up and move quickly up the eastern Seaboard. Conditions will deteriorate through the day both along the coast and along our route. We’ll be getting battered by the time we hit Connecticut, and it will only get windier as we hit Cape Cod. The wheels will really come off after we arrive in Barnstable, when the fast moving, well organized system lashes eastern Massachussetts. Find a warm spot to rest your head, because this is New England at it’s worst.