Severe Saturday In Store

October and November is when there are typical large swings in weather patterns throughout the US, as the jet stream begins to buckle back down to the south and pushes of colder Canadian air begin to penetrate the Northern US. Sometimes these patterns can stir up bouts of late-season severe weather, since the contrast between the still warm and humid Gulf region and cold air from the north can be quite sharp at times. Saturday looks to be one of those days as a large cold front is pushing through the Plains tonight and by Saturday evening will be found from MN down to Central OK/TX Panhandle, kicking up showers and thunderstorms along its’ length. An embedded area of low pressure found along the front in KS/OK looks to be a trigger for more potent thunderstorms, as the SPC has put out an Enhanced Risk for much of Central OK. Some supercell thunderstorms are expected to pop off over western OK but then evolve into more of a squall line as storms push eastward into the overnight hours. It may be late-October, but Mother Nature isn’t quite done with severe weather outbreaks quite yet!