Danville, Virginia

Today we head out to the Mid-Atlantic to see how the mid-week weather will treat them! Hopefully it’s as nice there as it was here today!

At 1053pm EDT, the temperature at Danville, VA was 73 degrees under a few clouds. While an area of low pressure is developing over the Mid-MS River Valley, high pressure found over the Great Lakes and into the Northeast will slowly break down over the next couple of days. Low pressure continues to intensify throughout the day Tuesday, with scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms popping up ahead of the system over the Southern Appalachians and throughout the Southeast. Low pressure shifts through the Ohio Valley on Wednesday and scattered shower and storm activity will be more prevalent throughout much of the day, but with the heaviest activity more likely in the morning hours.

Tuesday: Scattered afternoon thunderstorms. High 79, Low 71.
Wednesday: Scattered thunderstorm activity in morning, becoming showers in afternoon. High 83, Low 70.

TWC: Tuesday: Scattered thunderstorms. High 81, Low 70.
Wednesday: Morning thunderstorms. High 80, Low 69.

AW: Tuesday: A couple of thunderstorms. High 78, Low 69.
Wednesday: A couple of thunderstorms. High 81, Low 68.

NWS: Tuesday: Showers likely and areas of fog. High 79, Low 73.
Wednesday: Showers likely. High 80, Low 69.

WB: Tuesday: 70% chance of thunderstorms. High 78, Low 70.
Wednesday: Scattered thunderstorms. High 79, Low 68.

WN: Tuesday: Mostly cloudy with light showers likely. High 79, Low 73.
Wednesday: Mostly cloudy with showers likely. High 80, Low 70.

FIO: Tuesday: Rain starting overnight. High 80, Low 71.
Wednesday: Light rain until morning, staring again in the afternoon. High 81, Low 70.

We can see a pretty messy pattern over the region tonight, and it’s going to stay like that for the next couple of days.