Nate makes a double landfall, introduces some surge to southern Mississippi

Nate ended up reaching that Category 1 hurricane status before he reached the United States. Nate made an initial landfall around the Mississippi Delta before he slipped further northeast towards Mississippi, making a secondary landfall near Biloxi. Winds are around 80-90mph maximum sustained strength as he continues to move inland.

The most significant concern to date has been a 6-8 foot storm surge from Biloxi over to Mobile Bay, east of the center of low pressure. You can see some pictures of Biloxi below.

Fortunately, the storm is moving quickly, and by the time people get going Sunday morning, the system will moveĀ  away from the coast and these flood waters will recede. Still, pay attention to the feature as he continues his northward progression through the day tomorrow, as there will be sudden heavy rain, and a continued threat for tornadoes up until the southern Appalachians.