Corvallis, Oregon to La Crosse, Wisconsin

Time to connect today’s two forecasts with a 1900+ mile road trip! It’ll take four days to get from Corvallis to La Crosse, will we encounter any surprises in the mountains?


Some overnight rain showers should fizzle out by the time we wake up to begin our trip heading north towards Portland. As high pressure builds in over the Pacific Northwest, skies should begin to clear out as we head eastward on I-84 then northward into Washington in I-82. Dry conditions will persist throughout the rest of the day as we end our first day in Spokane.


We’re going to spend a lot of time on I-90 from here on out. Like, the ENTIRE remainder of the road trip. Guess we don’t need that map anymore! What we will need are sunglasses since high pressure is parked over all of the Northern Rockies, making for dry and quiet conditions the entire way from Spokane through far northern ID and into Montana before finally ending the day in Billings.


High pressure continues to keep a firm hold over the Northern Plains, so another day full of dry weather and bright sunshine is in store. We might see some high clouds filter in as we push into SD due to an area of low pressure down over the Mid-MS River Valley, but no precip should affect our travels. We finish the day in the small central SD town of Murdo.


It’s a pretty straight shot eastward today as our road trip comes to an end. Our friendly neighborhood high pressure continues to grace us with it’s clear skies and dry weather, and should make for a pretty easy trip through southern MN into La Crosse.