Austin, Texas to Ann Arbor, Michigan

Let’s take a nice little road trip this Labor Day weekend, as we head north from Texas off to Lower Michigan. Thanks to a rapid drive up I-35, and continued travel along the interstate system, we will be able to cover 70 miles an hour, 563 miles a day, and will cover this 1368 mile drive in only 2 1/2 days. Let’s see if the weather cooperates with our ambitious pace.

DAY ONE (Monday)

Thankfully, as we start our trek out of Austin and through Texas will be dry and warm. This is a part of the country that has been through far too much, so clear skies and hopefully clear roads will be greatly appreciated. We will arrive in Arkansas with a warm, moist flow rising out of the Gulf of Mexico ahead of a weak cold front moving out of the Midwest. The day will end after we pass Little Rock, continuing another hour to Fredonia, on the way to Memphis.

DAY TWO (Tuesday)
Immediately as we get going from Fredonia, we will encounter some rain, with isolated embedded thunderstorms as we make our way through northeastern Arkansas. The boundary will be well defined with a good deal of cold air driving south from the Midwest, so, while we will have some heavy rain and thunderstorm early on in the day, the majority of our drive will be nice and clear. With the cooler air, having rolled down windows will be nice. There might be a bit of a headwind that could impact gas mileage, depending on the profile of your vehicle. We can make it to Monee, on the south side of the Chicago metro before we have to call it a day.

DAY THREE (Wednesday)
The low pressure center associated with the cold front we encounter Tuesday morning will be rotating through the Great Lakes. This cool low will tap into the moisture of the Lakes, and there will be pop up showers throughout Lower Michigan all day on Wednesday. Mostly cloudy skies and an autumnal chill await in Ann Arbor, along with those light showers.